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What is PageRank, and its importance for SEO 2021?



What is PageRank, and its importance for SEO 2021?

Many factors are responsible for ranking, like content quality, website EAT score, backlink profile, etc. You may hear about the terms domain authority and page authority or PageRank, and if you not, we’ll explain these terms in this article. The Page authority is crucial to rank your content in the search results. Let’s understand how this works.

What is Google PageRank?

Page authority is the value of a page so that the content on the page index the search results. Moz finds the actual term page authority. But they define page authority by backlink or off-Page SEO of the content only. Whereas PageRank calculates all the essential factors.

We agree that the Page authority can be increased by providing external site backlinks to the particular page. But this is not only the determinant. Other factors are responsible for it. These are:

  • Content Quality,
  • The content explains all dimensions of the subject,
  • Website structure,
  • Internal backlink to the content,
  • HTML5 semantic tags,
  • Schema Markup,
  • Off-Page SEO.

How does PageRank works?

PageRank is a complex algorithm. Google released a formula to explain this PageRank score. But we try to understand this term in a layman’s language. Before that, there is a formula to calculate PageRank, but we’ll understand this in layman’s terms.

The formula to calculate PageRank is PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + … + PR(Tn)/C(Tn)), where

  • PR(A) – Page Rank of page A
  • PR(T1) – Page Rank of pages T1, which link to page A
  • C(T1) – number of outbound links on page T1
  • d – damping factor which can be set between 0 and 1

PageRank score ranges from 0 to 10, 0 stands for a low score and 10 for maximum. Some believe that PR is not in use anymore. But Moz(an SEO Company) calls it with another name Page Authority.

Layman’s Term.

Page Structure of your website helps the search engines analyze and understand the actual content of the webpage, and in addition to the page structure, the following methods help boost PageRank.

  • Anchor text,
  • Internal links,
  • Nofollow links,
  • Related elements.

Anchor text helps the search engine to analyze the content linked in the blog posts. So you should add anchor links carefully. There may be a question in your mind about how anchor text is essential for SEO. Anchor text helps the search engines to understand the linking content. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose you interlink this page to another page that talks about What SEO is, then search engines can understand the referred link content talk about SEO.

Internal linking of the content also distribute the PageRank to another page. Like this page provide the additional vote to the internal linked content.

Nofollow low-value external links. External links that will disable after a specific time, like university admission links, etc.

Add related content to your blog posts so that users can stand for a long time on your page, reduce bounce rate, and increase your website sessions.

Whenever your blog post or page receives an external link, that particular content gains the PageRank value. You can distribute that PageRank value to other content by internally linking all contents.

Is PageRank still works in 2021?

The answer to this question will be yes. PageRank still works in 2021, after major Google Search updates. You’ve to work on quality content and genuine backlinks, like in content backlink or backlink 2.0.

There is no tool currently available to calculate PageRank. But still, PageRank matters in 2021.

How to enhance the PageRank of my website?

You’ve to keep in mind the following tips while writing content on your website.

  • Write high-quality content,
  • Generate 2.0 backlinks for off-Page SEO (from same niche high-quality content).
  • Use HTML5 friendly theme.

High-Quality Content

Quality content is always King. Many factors are responsible for the content’s search engine ranking, but quality content is most powerful.

Sometimes you write high-quality content but in stern words. So try to write content interestingly in easy language. So users can read the complete article.

We have a dedicated article with awesome tips on How to write SEO-friendly content.

Backlinks are essential, and you should get and provide backlinks.

Backlinks inform the search engine about your website. Suppose you created a website with high-quality content it will not rank unless you’ve some quality backlinks. It may rank on low competition keywords but not otherwise.

The Digital web is somewhere similar to the spider web. Your website is a part of that web. If the site is not linked with other websites, then the web is weak or not a part of a strong web network.

From here, we can understand that you should provide backlinks to websites that deserve and generate backlinks from other websites. For example, suppose you provide a backlink to our website Then search engine count backlinks of This will inform the search engine that your website also exists.

HTML5 Themes for better Page Structure.

Earlier versions of HTML use div tags. And you might know that content is digitally available on the internet. Hence, the search engines have to collect data and analyze that to understand the function of each div element. That needs a lot of data for analysis.

In HTML5, you can declare all the sections of the webpage like header, main, article(main content), footer section. This will help the search engines to understand and process all the data available with the website. You can implement HTML5 to your website for the best SEO results.

Final Words

This article explained PageRank in detail, and we understood what it is and how to improve it. When the PageRank of a website increase, it will automatically increase the Page Authority of the webpage and website.

Page Authority only checks the off-page SEO, but PageRank includes all factors, including OnPage and OffPage SEO.

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