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How to use $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] correctly in php?



How to use $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] correctly in php?

I wouldn’t recommend using HTTP_REFERER:

It’s fairly simple to manipulable in browser.
Some users might have security settings in their browser to not send this header at all.
It’s not accessible over HTTPS.
Some proxies strip this header from the request
Added – See answer to this quesion

As Charlotte Dunois stated in the comment, better set session value before sending the form and then check it on page2.
$_SESSION[ ‘display_page2’ ] = TRUE;
//rest of the content

if ( (isset( $_SESSION[ ‘display_page2’ ] ) && $_SESSION[ ‘display_page2’ ] === TRUE ) || isset( $_POST[ ‘some_form_input’ ] ) ) {
//keep displaying page2.php
} else {

With isset( $_POST[ ‘some_form_input’ ] ), you can check whether the form has been sent (via POST method).
When needed, you can unset the session with unset( $_SESSION[ ‘display_page2’ ] ); or by setting it to different value.

I advise against using $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] as it can be easily spoofed.
Instead , you could set a cookie when they load page 1 using setcookie(“page1”, 1); before any markup is output. Then check for it on page 2 using
//keep displaying page2.php
//if it is not redirected from page1.php
//redirect the user back to page1.php

By not specifying the expiry date the cookie will expire when the browser is closed. In this situation, using cookies also makes for much more readable code to others.

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