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Easy To Use Courier Tracking Php Script

Easy To Use Courier Tracking Php Script

courier tracking script  is a complete pure PHP Script for transportation websites building, like trucking and shipping companies, logistic services and cargo delivery agencies.  CargoPush v6.1 Courier Management System in php source code is developed in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL database. This complete logistic and delivery portal provides a kind of real tracking services that gives you complete control over all your shipment online. This project was initially developed for an undergraduate school project, but over time, other logistics features had been added base on student demands. It is now suitable for any Logistic industry worldwide.

Forget your old troubles logistics PHP script, CargoPush v6.1 Courier Management script in php is the best logistic script for you.  This online courier management script is now the smartest and leading PHP script for online tracking, or delivering goods across the world.

This script function with the aim of closing the gap between demand and supply of economical and transparent cargo and logistics services to make goods shifting and logistics easy. It is a key solution to every customer and with real-time tracking capabilities, your customers will feel secure and confident as they can access and be aware of the shipment information anytime.


It involves both forward and reverse flow, as well as managing inventory and warehousing. Logistics tracking refers to the methods and systems used for tracking resources throughout their movement and storage. With CargoPush v6.1 Courier Management System in php,  tracking system you’ll know where your products, materials, or other resources are physically located at any time, as well as when is scheduled.

CargoPush v6.1 Courier Management System in php tracking is critically important for any logistics companies for successful tracking. Manufacturing is a constantly changing environment, and it is commonly necessary to adjust the flow of materials to prevent both shortages and over-supply. CargoPush v6.1 Courier Management System in php tracking provides the real-time status of the supply chain allowing adjustments to be made as needed.

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