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Anyone Can Hack Your Snapchat—Here’s How to Stop Them



Anyone Can Hack Your Snapchat—Here's How to Stop Them

It’s possible that cybercriminals can hack into your Snapchat account. Here’s how, and what you need to do to stop them.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms. However, with increased security and privacy fears, users are looking for ways to secure their accounts.

If you’re wondering how to hack into someone’s Snapchat account, then you’re on the right page. However, we’re not going to show you a tutorial as it is illegal. This article is to inform users about the methods used by hackers and how to protect their accounts.

So, how can someone hack into your Snapchat account? And how can you secure your profile so that you’re not targeted by cybercriminals?

How Attackers Hack Someone’s Snapchat Account

Snapchat is a private messaging app where short-lived content is shared, so it may seem like an unsuspecting platform for hackers. However, these factors also make it more alluring for spying and blackmailing purposes.

Snapchat has faced privacy concerns since it does not guarantee end-to-end encryption. This means the content you share could be intercepted when sent to the platform’s servers through a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack. The app has been hacked by fake accounts that, at the time, did not need to be verified. It resulted in the breach of millions of users whose usernames and numbers were recorded by hackers.

Concern for account protection extends to hackers accessing your account at random or by someone close to you. Let’s look at both of those possibilities.

1. Downloading Spyware Apps

Hackers use monitoring tools to spy on someone’s Snapchat account. This is the most widely used method of spying on social media. Anyone can sign up to use monitoring tools that are downloaded and installed on the person’s smartphone.

The app remains incognito on the target’s device and records their activity in real-time, which can be accessed by the hacker remotely at any given date. This allows the hacker to view that person’s activity—and archive it—on Snapchat.

Moreover, parents often use monitoring apps and can track all social media activities. These allow messages, photos, and videos to be read, archived, and screenshot. The apps generally include location tracking as well.

2. Third-Party Data Leaks

Since monitoring apps can record and store the data they track from Snapchat, content that is later deleted by the user may have been copied. On the platform itself, all deleted content and accounts are trashed permanently.

Once a spy app is installed, the hacker may decrypt the password and log into your account directly. Snapchat secures accounts by verifying them by email. If the hacker has your username and access to your inbox, they can simply access your account by selecting Forgot Password.

Additionally, you can read our handy guide on how you can find out if your details have been leaked.

3. Using Hacking Websites

Some websites claim to have developed tools to tap into a user’s Snapchat accounts. However, these sites are often deceptive.

This easy-to-use method is an attractive option for hackers who do not have access to devices or passwords to get into a Snapchat account. These online services require a username and provide tools that do the rest of the work.

How to Protect Your Snapchat Account

All the methods we’ve covered in this article require advanced knowledge of hacking. It is uncommon to come across someone who will hack a Snapchat account simply to pass the time.

Which prompts the main question: Why would someone hack my Snapchat? The reason for this is that hackers are well aware of the usefulness of a password.

Based on the methods used by hackers, here are a few simple tips to secure your account:

  • Keep the passcode for your smartphone private. Similarly, do so for accounts linked to numerous devices, like your Apple ID and password if you are an iPhone user.
  • Do not leave your phone unattended, even if you do have a passcode in case it’s guessable. This way, you prevent someone from downloading monitoring apps on the device or accessing Snapchat itself.
  • Verify the phone number and email address related to your Snapchat account to keep it secure.
  • Choose a strong password for your Snapchat. It should be a mix of characters that do not include personal information; it must differ from your other accounts, and you should keep it private.
  • Check your privacy settings. This allows you to control who views your stories, sends you snaps, and can see your location. This can prevent people from finding out your username.
  • You should only add actual friends to your contact list. Don’t link up with strangers. Yes, it might seem fun and frivolous, but it’s not worth risking your security and privacy. But of course, many nonetheless get to know someone and quickly connect on Snapchat. If you ever receive any content that you don’t like, however, it’s important to remember that you can still block them.
  • To protect yourself from others trying to log in to your account, enable two-factor authentication. This feature ensures the person logging in is indeed you, as you’ll need to verify it twice.

All the above suggestions will assist you in keeping your account safe from hackers. If you believe your Snapchat account has been hacked, you should contact Snapchat Support immediately.

Stop Hackers From Accessing Your Snapchat

Without a doubt, a hacker cannot access your account without your permission. We unknowingly make blunders that cause us trouble in the future.

Above all, in most cases and territories, hacking into a social media account is illegal. There are various methods used by hackers to access Snapchat, but making sure your accounts are secure is easy to do, so don’t be scared off using the service.

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