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Plateau: Lawmaker urges Buhari to stop killings in Mangu/Bokkos



Hon Solomon Bulus Maren representing Mangu-Bokkos federal constituency in Plateau State has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to order the security agencies to curb the killings taking place in his constituency.

Maren also requested that the National Emergency Management Authority, NEMA, and other well-spirited organizations provide relief materials for the wounded and survivors of the recent attack in the state.

His statement followed the recent attack on Mangu/Bokkos federal constituency in Plateau State, where over 100 persons, mostly women and children were killed by terrorists.

It was also reported that many houses were burnt down, including food stuffs, food barns and seedlings.

The lawmaker lamented that over 200 persons had been killed in the last four months before the recent attack in his constituency.

He added that the effort of the government is not good enough to stop the killings in years.

Part of his statement read: “I find it expedient at this time to intimate the world on the unfortunate happenings in my constituency, Mangu/Bokkos federal constituency, Plateau State, in the last two days, where over 100 persons, most of them women and children, have been massacred and butchered in cold blood by terrorists during an overnight unprovoked attack at their houses, including food stuffs, food barns, and seedlings.

“These killings are one among many in the constituency, where over 200 persons have been killed in the last four months before this one.

“The government may claim to be doing its best, but its best is not good enough, since it has not been able to stop the killings in years. However, I commend the few gallant officers working without sufficient arms, yet gave themselves to save lives.

“Therefore, I urge the President to order the security agencies to move into the area with immediate effect to curb the killings, as well as the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) and other well spirited organizations to also move in with relief materials for the wounded survivors of the dastardly attack.”

Plateau: Lawmaker urges Buhari to stop killings in Mangu/Bokkos

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