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Simulant: Cast, Release Date, Trailer & Everything We Know



Simulant is a Canadian science fiction thriller film starring Simu Liu of MCU fame, and there are many exciting details about the movie. Originally released in its native Canada on April 7th, 2023, the film concerns a recently deceased man (Robbie Amell) who finds himself in the middle of a global A.I. uprising after his consciousness is transferred into a simulant body. With an impressive cast that boasts the likes of Amell, Liu, and Jordana Brewster, Simulant follows in the footsteps of other sci-fi classics while still blazing its own path. Movies about A.I. are nothing new, but Simulant is a fresh take on the story with a modern perspective.Simulant comes as the latest film from Canadian director April Mullen whose work has spanned all genres from action to horror and nearly everything in between. Besides directing episodes of shows like Legends of Tomorrow and The Rookie, Mullen also helmed the 2012 horror comedy Dead Before Dawn, and the 2020 thriller Wander. Simulant is also an opportunity for actor Liu to continue to grow into a legitimate action star, and he has a chance to build on the success of his MCU film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings which rocketed him into the spotlight in 2021. What else is there to know about Simulant?RELATED: Simu Liu’s Biggest Roles Before Shang-Chi

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