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Hawkeye Concept Art Updates Kate Bishop to Look Like Hailee Steinfeld

Hawkeye Concept Art Updates Kate Bishop to Look Like Hailee Steinfeld

Marvel artist Andy Park shares an updated concept art of Kate Bishop that was previously released, but now includes Hailee Steinfeld’s likeness.

Hawkeye concept art has been released showing Hailee Steinfeld’s likeness on Kate Bishop. Steinfeld debuted as the heroine in Hawkeye this past December, becoming a pupil of Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton. Hawkeye ran for six episodes and is available to stream in its entirety on Disney+ right now.

Kate Bishop is a relatively recent addition to the Marvel Comics canon compared to other members of the Avengers roster, but she has quickly become a fan favorite. In Hawkeye, she is depicted as a young, rebellious archer from a wealthy family who is inspired to become a hero after being saved by Clint Barton during 2012’s Battle of New York, a.k.a the events of The Avengers. The series sees her get mixed up in a war with the tracksuit mafia after coming into possession of the Ronin suit and soon into conflict with Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio) as well as her mother (Vera Farmiga), a businesswoman who has been working with Kingpin in New York’s criminal underworld.

With the show now available to stream on Disney+, new insights into the development Hawkeye have come to light. Specifically, Marvel artist Andy Park has taken to his Instagram account to share a piece of Hawkeye concept art updated to show Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop. Check out the artwork below.

As Andy Park notes in his caption for the image, the concept art for Hawkeye did not always feature Hailee Steinfeld as the young archer. Due to the long development process of these projects, Kate had not been cast when Park and his co-workers began working on their portion of the series. Early concepts for the series did not utilize Steinfeld’s likeness but were later updated to include Steinfeld when the cast of the show solidified.

Of course, while Hailee Steinfeld’s likeness helps bring that concept art to life, it’s clear that the show continued to evolve even after the casting process ended. One thing to note is that the above artwork seems to show Kate in a warmer, coastal climate – a far cry from the cold, holiday-focused aesthetic that Hawkeye ultimately landed on. As Hawkeye and Kate are common fixtures in the West Coast Avengers team, it may lead some to wonder if there was ever a plan to have Hawkeye take place outside of New York City or if there may be plans to bring Kate to the west coast in the future. Hawkeye is currently streaming on Disney+, with more Marvel content set to hit the streamer this year.

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