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Killer Monkeys Snatch 4-Month-Old Baby from Couple in India



Killer Monkeys Snatch 4-Month-Old Baby from Couple in India

The overpopulation of monkeys in the country of India has been a long-standing problem that has seen the wild animals overrun government buildings, tourist destinations, places of worship, and residential areas. Today, there are over 50 million monkeys in India, many of whom are of the Rhesus Macaques species. These monkeys have become more aggressive over the years, raiding homes and killing residential animals at will. On Friday night, these mischievous old-world monkeys made national headlines again when a group ransacked the home of a small family of three in the city of Bareilly (located in the state of Uttar Pradesh).

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According to reports, the aggressive monkeys surrounded a mother, father, and their 4-month-old boy, while they were spending time together on the third-story rooftop of their terrace. When the Upadyay family attempted to retreat, one of the monkeys grabbed their small infant from the clutches of his father and threw him off of the terrace roof. The baby died instantly upon impact.

“One of [the monkeys] seemed to be leading the troop and grabbed my son,” said Mr. Upadyay.  “I screamed for help and then rushed down to find my son spattered in blood.”

While monkey attacks on human beings are considered rare in India, they do occur. A 5-year-old girl was recently mutilated to death when a group of Rhesus Macaques monkeys ripped off her skin. Another incident involving Rhesus Macaques monkeys ended with a family of five being pummelled to death by bricks two years ago. On the flip side, it is illegal for a person to kill a monkey in India because of the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

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Source: The Sun

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