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Journalist, David Hundeyin Mocks Seun Kuti Over Police Ordeal  



A Nigerian investigative journalist and activist, David Hundeyin, has mocked afrobeat singer, Seun Kuti over his police ordeal.

Naija News recalls that the embattled singer was detained in police custody on Monday following his alleged assault of a police officer who had reportedly threatened  to kill him and his family members.

Seun Kuti who turned himself in to the police on Monday was yesterday arraigned to court.

However, reacting to the musician’s ordeal, Hundeyin, who seem to have scores to settle with him, has come out to mock him.

It was gathered from SaharaReporters that Kuti in March claimed responsibility for the reported termination of Hundeyin’s contract with the UK university.

It was alleged that Hundeyin and a Nigerian author identified as Onyeka Nwelue were sent out of the university after organising a “fraudulent” book premiere for Hundeyin’s book on the school’s property.

The duo were accused of exploiting the university community by asking for the payment of £20 for admission to African Studies Centre activities, when it was supposed to be free.

Hitting back at Kuti, the journalist took to Twitter to say “Oh, OK, so Seun Kuti is some kind of martyr now.

“But please answer this – why did he vehemently oppose the only plausible electoral option that could result in REAL systemic police change?

“Or his big genius solution instead of political change was to go about slapping police?

“This is why I do not take Aluta people serious. Behind the noise and signaling, it is only hot air that occupies their big empty heads. Bla bla bla fight the power, bla bla bla aluta continua, but your “fight” only boils down to mindless violence against poor people.

“They’re really trying to rebrand this igbó-huffing moron with a terminal case of verbal diarrhea as Martin Luther King Jnr.

“Someone that I swear the version of me that existed in JSS2 in 2003 was smarter than he is now.

“Not every loudmouth is a freedom fighter please.

“We are NOT on the same side. I highlight problems and propose actual solutions.

“Seun Kuti is a daft, mindless nihilist who opposes for the sake of opposition. It’s not an intellectual position but a lifestyle choice for him – an aesthetic. A psychological fashion accessory

“Because instead of doing the politically obvious and morally right thing by making the most popular candidate your flagbearer, you acted like the spoiled imbeciles you are and showed a middle finger to Nigeria.”

The post Journalist, David Hundeyin Mocks Seun Kuti Over Police Ordeal   appeared first on Naija News.

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