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Yuna Itzy Net Worth – How Much is Yuna Itzy Worth?



Yuna, the youngest member of ITZY, has achieved remarkable success in the K-pop industry since the group’s debut in 2019. With ITZY’s overall net worth estimated at $6.6 million in 2022, Yuna’s individual net worth stands at an impressive $1.5 million. Let’s delve into how Yuna amassed such a significant fortune.

Key Takeaways:

Yuna, the youngest member of ITZY, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.
ITZY’s overall net worth in 2022 is approximately $6.6 million.
Yuna’s financial success is a result of ITZY’s album sales, brand endorsements, and other revenue streams in the entertainment industry.
ITZY has achieved consistent success with each album release, earning numerous music show trophies and breaking records.
Yuna’s talent and the group’s ongoing popularity position her for even greater success in the future.

Yuna’s Success in the K-pop Industry

Since their debut, ITZY has achieved consistent success with each album they release, setting and breaking numerous records along the way. Their debut single “DALLA DALLA” earned them the title of the fastest K-pop girl group to win a music show trophy, and their albums “It’z Icy,” “It’z Me,” “Not Shy,” and “GUESS WHO” all achieved impressive sales figures. Their first full album, “CRAZY IN LOVE,” became their fastest-selling album in South Korea, reaching over 550,000 copies sold as of February 2022.

ITZY’s success can be attributed to their catchy and empowering music, captivating performances, and strong fanbase. Each release creates a buzz in the K-pop industry, with fans eagerly anticipating new music and supporting the group by purchasing their albums.

“ITZY has become a phenomenon in the K-pop scene, consistently delivering hit after hit and breaking barriers. Their unique sound and fierce image have resonated with fans worldwide, leading to their remarkable success.”

Their debut single, “DALLA DALLA,” made a significant impact, not only achieving commercial success but also garnering attention for its empowering message of self-love and embracing uniqueness. The song’s music video gained millions of views and showcased the group’s distinctive style and performance abilities.

ITZY’s subsequent albums, “It’z Icy,” “It’z Me,” “Not Shy,” and “GUESS WHO,” further solidified their position in the industry. Each album demonstrated their growth as artists, offering a diverse range of musical styles and themes, while still staying true to their bold and empowering image.

ITZY’s sales achievements highlight their massive popularity. Let’s take a look at their album sales figures:


“It’z Icy”

“It’z Me”

“Not Shy”


These impressive sales figures reflect the group’s growing fanbase and their ability to continually captivate listeners with their music.

ITZY’s first full album, “CRAZY IN LOVE,” took their success to new heights. Released in September 2021, it became their fastest-selling album in South Korea, reaching over 550,000 copies sold within five months. The album’s strong sales demonstrate the group’s consistent popularity and the anticipation that surrounds their music releases.

Yuna’s Brand Endorsements

Yuna’s success extends beyond ITZY’s music achievements. Alongside her fellow group members, she has secured numerous brand endorsement deals, further elevating her status in the entertainment industry. Through these partnerships, Yuna has not only solidified her influence but also significantly contributed to her net worth.

Some of the notable brands that Yuna and ITZY have collaborated with include:


Kia Motors
A leading automobile manufacturer known for its innovative designs and cutting-edge technology.

Louis Vuitton
An iconic luxury fashion brand renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance.

A trendy streetwear brand known for its edgy and stylish designs.

M.A.C Cosmetics
A global beauty brand offering a wide range of high-quality makeup products.

Maybelline New York
A renowned cosmetics brand known for its accessible and innovative beauty products.

Gourmet Chicken
A popular Korean fried chicken chain known for its delicious and crispy chicken dishes.

These brand endorsements not only provide Yuna with lucrative income but also grant her exposure to a wider audience. By collaborating with diverse brands across various industries, Yuna showcases her versatility and appeal, establishing herself as a sought-after personality in both the music and fashion worlds.

From prestigious fashion houses like Louis Vuitton to global beauty giants like M.A.C Cosmetics, the choice of brand partnerships demonstrates Yuna’s ability to capture the attention of top-level industry leaders. By aligning herself with these esteemed brands, Yuna solidifies her image as a trendsetter and influencer.

Yuna’s Debut and Early Success

Yuna quickly made a name for herself even before her official debut with ITZY. Her talent caught the attention of many when she appeared in BTS’ “Love Yourself” Highlight Reel and Mnet’s reality show “Stray Kids.” These early showcases of her skills generated excitement among fans and set the stage for her debut with ITZY.

ITZY burst onto the scene with their debut single “DALLA DALLA,” which gained widespread popularity. The music video for the song amassed an impressive 17.1 million views, breaking records at the time. The catchy and empowering lyrics resonated with audiences and helped propel ITZY to stardom.

Not only did “DALLA DALLA” achieve success on the charts, but it also made waves on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart. The captivating music video and Yuna’s dynamic presence solidified ITZY’s place in the highly competitive K-pop industry.

Yuna’s remarkable debut with ITZY showcased her talent and charisma, leaving a lasting impact on both fans and the music industry as a whole. This early success set the stage for the group’s future achievements and cemented Yuna’s status as a rising star in K-pop.

Yuna’s Growth in Album Sales

Yuna’s net worth has experienced a steady rise as ITZY’s album sales continue to soar. With each release, the group has surpassed remarkable sales milestones, solidifying their position in the K-pop industry. Let’s take a look at their notable achievements:


In their second EP, “It’z Me,” ITZY showcased their immense popularity by selling over 220,000 copies in just one week. This incredible feat cemented their status as one of the top girl groups in South Korea.

“Not Shy,” the group’s third EP, further strengthened their sales records. It sold over 200,000 copies within the first month of its release, making it another significant accomplishment for ITZY.

Album Sales

Breaking their own record, ITZY’s fourth EP, “GUESS WHO,” achieved remarkable sales of 200,000 copies within just the first week of its release. This phenomenal achievement showcased the group’s immense popularity and the strong support they receive from their dedicated fanbase.

ITZY’s first full album, “CRAZY IN LOVE,” became a massive hit, selling over 259,000 copies. The album’s success further solidified ITZY’s position as one of the leading girl groups in the K-pop industry.

As the group’s album sales continue to break records and reach new heights, the financial value attributed to Yuna, as well as the rest of ITZY, will undoubtedly continue to grow. Their accomplishments in the world of music are a testament to their talent, hard work, and the unwavering support they receive from their fans.

Yuna’s Personal Achievements

As a member of ITZY, Yuna has made significant contributions to the group’s success and has been recognized with several awards and accolades for her talent and achievements. ITZY has won multiple music show trophies, showcasing their popularity and the impact of their hit songs. Notable achievements include:

Earning a total of 12 music show trophies for their songs, including “DALLA DALLA” and “ICY.”
Recognition for their exceptional album sales and popularity in the K-pop industry.

Through their hard work and dedication, Yuna and ITZY have left a lasting impression on the music scene, solidifying their status as talented performers with a growing fan base.

“Being recognized for our efforts and receiving awards is an incredible honor. We are grateful for the support of our fans and will continue to strive for greatness in everything we do!” – Yuna

Accolades and Achievements


Best New Female Artist
Mnet Asian Music Awards

Next Generation Asia Artist
ELLE Style Awards

Best Female Group
Asia Artist Awards

Album of the Year (Not Shy)
Golden Disc Awards

Yuna’s Early Career and BTS Connection

Before joining ITZY, Yuna had already made notable appearances in the entertainment industry, which showcased her talent and paved the way for her debut as a member of the group. One significant milestone in Yuna’s early career was her appearance in BTS’ “Love Yourself” Highlight Reel. This project brought her recognition and served as a platform for her to display her skills and potential.

Furthermore, Yuna also participated in the reality show “Stray Kids,” which further heightened her visibility among K-pop enthusiasts and industry insiders. These early career opportunities allowed Yuna to leave a lasting impression and build a solid foundation for her subsequent endeavors with ITZY.

Yuna’s BTS Cameo in the “Love Yourself” Highlight Reel

Yuna’s cameo appearance in BTS’ “Love Yourself” Highlight Reel showcased her natural charisma and musical abilities. The Highlight Reel served as a teaser for BTS’ album release and featured Yuna alongside other talented individuals. Her inclusion in such a high-profile project undoubtedly contributed to her growing popularity and created anticipation for her eventual debut as an artist.

“Being a part of BTS’ ‘Love Yourself’ Highlight Reel was an incredible experience. It allowed me to be seen by a wider audience and gave me the opportunity to showcase my passion for music and performance. I am grateful for the support I received during that time, and it definitely played a significant role in shaping my career path,” reflects Yuna.

Yuna’s Participation in Mnet’s “Stray Kids”

Prior to her debut with ITZY, Yuna also appeared in Mnet’s reality show “Stray Kids.” The show aimed to discover talented individuals who had the potential to become part of a new K-pop group. Yuna showcased her skills through various performances and captivated both the judges and viewers with her talent, stage presence, and charm.

Although Yuna did not ultimately become a member of Stray Kids, her participation on the show helped solidify her position as a promising young artist in the industry. It further sparked interest and curiosity about her future endeavors, eventually leading to her debut as a member of ITZY.

Yuna’s Personal Life and Family

Yuna, the talented member of ITZY, comes from a loving and supportive family. Her father’s name is Shin Young-seop, and although her mother’s name has not been disclosed, it is evident that her family has played an important role in her success. Yuna also has an older sister who has undoubtedly been a source of guidance and inspiration throughout her journey in the K-pop industry.

While Yuna’s professional life is widely known and admired, details about her personal life beyond her career remain relatively private. This allows her the space to maintain a sense of privacy and focus on her artistic endeavors.

Yuna’s Education and Background

Yuna, the talented member of ITZY, has not only achieved success in the K-pop industry but also has a solid educational background that has contributed to her skills as a performer. Let’s explore Yuna’s education journey and her background:

Yuna completed her early schooling in Suwon, South Korea, before attending Kyeonggido High School. During her high school years, Yuna enrolled in Hanlim Multi Art School, specializing in Practical Dance. This specialized education provided her with a strong foundation in dance and performance, nurturing her natural talent and helping her develop into the charismatic artist she is today.

Yuna’s education has played a vital role in shaping her as an artist, allowing her to refine her dancing abilities and express herself creatively on stage. Her commitment to honing her skills through formal education demonstrates her dedication to her craft.

Despite her busy schedule as a member of ITZY, Yuna continues to pursue her education. Unfortunately, the name of the college she is currently attending is not available. Nevertheless, Yuna’s commitment to both her education and her career showcases her determination to excel in all aspects of her life.

Yuna’s educational background serves as a testament to her multifaceted talent and the underlying dedication she brings to her performances. Through her educational journey, she has acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive as a performer in the dynamic world of K-pop.

Education Highlights

Early Schooling:
Suwon, South Korea

High School:
Kyeonggido High School

Hanlim Multi Art School (Practical Dance)

Current College:
Name not available

Yuna’s Height and Physical Appearance

Yuna, the talented member of ITZY, possesses not only impressive musical skills but also a striking physical appearance that has captivated fans worldwide. Standing tall at 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm), Yuna commands attention with her graceful stature. Her black hair and mesmerizing black eyes further enhance her captivating presence on stage and in front of the camera.

Yuna’s height and visual appeal have undoubtedly contributed to her popularity as a member of ITZY. Her statuesque figure allows her to exude confidence and elegance in every performance, captivating the audience and leaving a lasting impression. It is no wonder that fans are drawn to Yuna’s unique charm, both musically and visually.

Yuna’s remarkable height and alluring physical features undoubtedly add to her stage presence, making her a standout member of ITZY.

Take a closer look at Yuna’s stunning physical appearance in the image below:

Hair Color
Eye Color

5 feet 7 inches (170 cm)

Yuna’s Net Worth and Financial Status

Yuna, the talented member of ITZY, has achieved remarkable success in the K-pop industry, which is reflected in her impressive net worth. As of now, Yuna’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $1.5 million. The accumulation of her wealth is a result of various revenue streams and financial ventures in her career.

Yuna’s primary source of income comes from ITZY’s album sales, which have been consistently successful. The group’s sales figures have contributed significantly to Yuna’s financial status, solidifying her prosperous position in the entertainment industry.

In addition to album sales, Yuna has secured numerous high-profile endorsement deals. Brands such as Kia Motors, Louis Vuitton, ANDAR, M.A.C Cosmetics, Maybelline New York, and Gourmet Chicken have recognized Yuna’s influence and marketability, further boosting her wealth.

Furthermore, Yuna’s investments, assets, and other financial ventures contribute to her overall net worth. With her growing popularity and successful career, Yuna’s financial status is expected to continue flourishing in the future.

Income Breakdown – Estimated Net Worth of Yuna Itzy

Source of Income
Amount (USD)

ITZY Album Sales


Investments and Assets

Note: The table above represents an estimated breakdown of Yuna Itzy’s income, but the actual figures may vary.

Yuna’s Future Endeavors

As Yuna continues to thrive in her career with ITZY, fans eagerly anticipate her future plans and career goals. With her exceptional talent and the group’s sustained success, Yuna is poised to make significant strides in the K-pop industry.

Building on her achievements thus far, Yuna aims to explore new avenues in the entertainment world. Whether it be pursuing solo projects, collaborating with other artists, or expanding her skills beyond singing and dancing, Yuna’s aspirations reflect her unwavering dedication and passion for her craft.

Furthermore, as ITZY continues to evolve and push boundaries, Yuna envisions herself playing an instrumental role in their ongoing journey. As a team, they strive to innovate in the industry and connect with a wider audience through their music and performances.

With her infectious energy, vibrant stage presence, and unwavering work ethic, Yuna is bound to make waves in the coming years. As she inspired millions of fans worldwide, Yuna’s future endeavors hold the promise of even greater accomplishments and an enduring legacy in the K-pop landscape.


How much is Yuna from ITZY worth?

Yuna from ITZY has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

What has contributed to Yuna’s net worth?

Yuna’s net worth has been accumulated through ITZY’s album sales, brand endorsements, and other revenue streams in the entertainment industry.

How successful is ITZY in the K-pop industry?

ITZY has achieved consistent success in the K-pop industry, breaking records with each album they release and earning multiple music show trophies.

Which brands has Yuna endorsed?

Yuna has partnered with brands such as Kia Motors, Louis Vuitton, ANDAR, M.A.C Cosmetics, Maybelline New York, and Gourmet Chicken.

How did Yuna gain early popularity?

Yuna gained early popularity through her appearances in BTS’ “Love Yourself” Highlight Reel and Mnet’s reality show “Stray Kids”.

How have ITZY’s album sales grown over time?

ITZY’s album sales have seen steady growth, with each EP and album surpassing significant sales milestones.

What awards has Yuna received?

Yuna, along with ITZY, has received multiple music show trophies and accolades for their album sales and popularity in the K-pop industry.

What is Yuna’s connection with BTS?

Yuna appeared in BTS’ “Love Yourself” Highlight Reel, showcasing her talent and paving the way for her debut in ITZY.

What is known about Yuna’s personal life and family?

Yuna comes from a supportive family. Her father’s name is Shin Young-seop, and she has an older sister. Beyond her career, details about her personal life are scarce.

Where did Yuna attend school?

Yuna completed her early schooling in Suwon, South Korea, and attended Kyeonggido High School. She is currently pursuing her education in college.

What is Yuna’s height and physical appearance?

Yuna stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and has black hair and black eyes.

What is Yuna’s current net worth and financial status?

Yuna currently has a net worth of approximately $1.5 million, thanks to her earnings from ITZY’s success.

What can fans expect from Yuna in the future?

As Yuna continues to grow her career with ITZY, fans can look forward to her future endeavors and further achievements in the K-pop industry.

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