The Macallan Collaborate to Mentor Nigerian Talents

The Macallan and Mai Atafo Collaborate to Mentor Nigerian Talents

The Macallan, a globally acclaimed whisky brand, has teamed up with Nigerian fashion icon and creative director, Mai Atafo, to support his mentorship initiative, Fashion Conversations. The event was held at ATAFO studio in Lekki, Lagos, on April 2, 2023.

The initiative is offering 40 young creatives the opportunity to engage the designer in conversations about commercialisation in Africa’s over $31 billion fashion industry, and navigating one of the world’s most promising industries.


In line with The Macallan’s investment in Africa’s fashion industry, the ultra-premium whisky brand sponsored Mai Atafo to facilitate an exchange of critical information that can empower young people to identify their roles in the industry and succeed.

The fashion mentorship initiative, geared at inspiring and enabling the next generation of fashion creatives, involved sessions that focused on topics such as the Guide to Running a Successful Fashion Business in Nigeria, ‘Fashion Commercialisation ‘Branding’, etc.

At the event, Mai Atafo passionately addressed the young creative designers about the importance of having a well-thought-out business strategy and how to leverage it in the industry. He provided actionable tips and advice on how to navigate the fashion sector and shared pointers from his over two-decade experience.


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