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Perfect Crime – Broadway Cast Earnings and Salary



Welcome to our article on Perfect Crime, the long-running Off-Broadway show that has captivated audiences for over three decades. In this section, we will delve into the fascinating world of the Broadway cast of Perfect Crime and explore their earnings and salaries.

Leading the cast of Perfect Crime is Catherine Russell, who has portrayed the main character in nearly 6,000 performances. Her dedication and commitment to the show are unparalleled, as she has only missed 4 shows in order to attend her siblings’ weddings. In addition to her acting role, Russell also wears multiple hats behind the scenes, serving as the general manager, company manager, and ticket taker, among other responsibilities.

Despite her busy schedule, Russell has managed to generate a second income by starting a consulting business in theater management. This entrepreneurial spirit has allowed her to support her acting career while showcasing her talent on the Broadway stage.

Key Takeaways:

Catherine Russell has played the main character in Perfect Crime for nearly 6,000 performances.
She serves as the general manager, company manager, and ticket taker.
Russell estimates spending 60 hours a week at the Duffy Theater.
She has also started a consulting business in theater management.
Despite her dedication, Russell has managed to invent a second career to support her acting career.

The Perfect Crime Cast Roles and Requirements

The success of a Broadway play relies on a talented and versatile cast. The Perfect Crime, in particular, features a diverse range of characters, each with their own unique requirements and demands.

The core roles in The Perfect Crime include:

Lionel McAuley: A very intelligent psychotic killer who, at one point, must disguise himself in a dress and heels.
W. Harrison Brent: A two-sided character known as a savage killer with a British accent.
James Ascher: A small-town cop who becomes entangled in the mysterious events of the play.
Margaret Brent: A smart psychiatrist and author, whose expertise plays a crucial role in unraveling the mystery.

In addition to these primary roles, there is also a male understudy role responsible for covering all three male characters. This ensures that the production can continue seamlessly in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

With such a diverse and complex cast, The Perfect Crime captivates audiences with its gripping plot and compelling performances. The actors bring their characters to life, immersing the audience in the world of mystery, suspense, and intrigue.

Auditioning for Perfect Crime

Are you an aspiring actor dreaming of making it big on Broadway? Auditioning for the hit show Perfect Crime could be your chance to shine in the spotlight. To secure a role in this thrilling production, there are a few important steps to follow.

Preparing for the Audition

First and foremost, aspiring actors must prepare a brief monologue that showcases their talent and range. This monologue should be chosen carefully to highlight your acting abilities and leave a lasting impression on the casting directors and producers.

Additionally, it is essential to bring a professional headshot and resume to the audition. Your headshot should be a recent, high-quality photograph that captures your essence as an actor. Your resume should include your relevant experience, training, and any notable achievements in the field.

Equity Principal Auditions

The audition process for Perfect Crime typically involves Equity Principal Auditions (EPAs). These auditions are specifically designed for actors who are members of the Actors’ Equity Association. EPAs ensure that the casting process is fair and provides equal opportunities for all actors.

Playing the Age Range

It is crucial to audition for a role in Perfect Crime that aligns with your age range. Casting directors are seeking actors who can convincingly portray the specified age requirements for each character. By selecting a role that suits your age and appearance, you increase your chances of success during auditions.

The Rewards of Performing in Perfect Crime

Acting in Perfect Crime is not only a chance to showcase your talent but also an opportunity for financial gain. The pay for actors in Perfect Crime is $730 per week, a substantial sum that rewards your dedication and hard work in the theater.

To audition for Perfect Crime is to join the ranks of renowned actors who have graced the stage in this iconic Broadway play. With its thrilling plot and captivating performances, Perfect Crime offers a chance to be part of an extraordinary theater experience.

Evolving the Perfect Crime Script

As Perfect Crime continues to captivate audiences year after year, the script and staging have undergone significant changes to maintain a contemporary appeal. Both the author and the general manager/star of the show, Catherine Russell, have worked tirelessly to ensure that Perfect Crime remains relevant in today’s ever-changing world.

One of the ways in which the script has been updated is through the incorporation of modern technology references. For example, an old-fashioned reel-to-reel tape recorder has been replaced with a cell phone reference, reflecting the advancements in communication devices in recent years. This change not only adds authenticity to the production but also allows the audience to better connect with the story on a personal level.

Moreover, the evolving script has also taken into account the shifts in societal norms and fashion trends. By adapting to these changes, Perfect Crime remains in tune with the zeitgeist, ensuring that the story resonates with contemporary audiences. From altering dialogue and character interactions to updating costumes and set design, every aspect of the production is carefully curated to evoke a sense of familiarity for the modern theatergoer.

Through these script changes and updated staging, Perfect Crime continues to defy the passage of time and remain a relevant and compelling piece of theater. The dedication of both the author and Catherine Russell exemplifies their commitment to creating an immersive experience that transports audiences into a world that is both familiar and contemporary.

Key Changes in Perfect Crime

Integration of modern technology references
Shifts in societal norms reflected in the script
Updates in fashion trends showcased through costumes
Evolution of set design to align with contemporary aesthetics

The Challenges of Updating Perfect Crime

Updating Perfect Crime presents unique challenges, particularly when it comes to incorporating technology, props, and fashion. The production team must continually find solutions to ensure the show stays relevant and engaging for modern audiences.

Technology: Addressing Password Protection

One particular challenge the show faced involved accessing information on a deceased character’s phone. With the increasing prevalence of password protection on electronic devices, the script had to be adapted to reflect the difficulties that arise in retrieving essential clues or evidence. This aspect of the story was carefully crafted to maintain suspense and realism, while acknowledging the real-world complexities posed by technology.

Props: Evolving with the Times

Props play a crucial role in creating an immersive theatrical experience. As time progresses, certain props that were once commonplace may lose their familiarity or relevance to contemporary audiences. The production team of Perfect Crime is tasked with sourcing or creating appropriate props that accurately represent the time period and enhance the storytelling. From vintage telephones to outdated recording devices, each prop must be carefully chosen to maintain authenticity and captivate the audience’s imagination.

Fashion: Reflecting Current Styles

In addition to technology and props, fashion is another aspect that requires constant attention when updating Perfect Crime. The main character’s wardrobe must reflect the current trends and contemporary fashion sensibilities. This includes not only the costumes worn by the actors but also the hairstyles, makeup, and accessories. By staying current with fashion, the show’s visual elements add depth and context to the storytelling, ultimately enhancing the audience’s overall experience.

While technology, props, and fashion require careful consideration and creative problem-solving, certain elements of Perfect Crime have remained consistent throughout its long run. The use of inherited set pieces from a previous production, as well as the unwavering dedication of Catherine Russell to perform in every show, contribute to the show’s enduring quality and success.


Addressing password protection on a deceased character’s phone
Adapting the script to reflect the complexities of technology

Finding relevant and authentic props for the time period
Carefully sourcing or creating props that enhance the storytelling

Updating the main character’s wardrobe to reflect current fashion trends
Maintaining a team of skilled costume designers and stylists

The Journey of Perfect Crime’s Performing Space

Since its Off-Broadway debut in 1987, Perfect Crime has undergone several venue changes, adapting to the dynamic theater landscape. Over the course of its history, the show has relocated nine times, each move bringing new opportunities and challenges.

The journey from the Courtyard Playhouse to the Harold Clurman Theatre eventually led Perfect Crime to its current home at the Duffy Theater in Times Square. Originally a strip club, the theater underwent significant renovations to transform into the perfect performing space for this timeless production.

The Duffy Theater has been hosting Perfect Crime since 2005, captivating audiences night after night with its thrilling storyline and exceptional performances. Its prime location in the heart of Times Square adds to the excitement and allure of the show, attracting both locals and tourists.

Here is a summary of the venue changes Perfect Crime has encountered:


Courtyard Playhouse

39th Street Theatre

WPA Theatre

The Alley Theatre

Promenade Theatre

47th Street Theatre

Theatre Four

Duffy Theatre

The Theater Center, specifically the Duffy Theater, has become synonymous with Perfect Crime, nurturing its legacy and providing a stage where the thrilling story can unfold night after night.

Ticketing Changes for Perfect Crime

When it comes to ticketing for Perfect Crime, there have been notable changes over the years. Initially, tickets were painstakingly made by hand using construction paper, adding a personal touch to each admission pass. However, as the show evolved and technology advanced, the transition to printed or electronic tickets became necessary to streamline the process.

This shift in ticketing methods not only improved efficiency but also offered convenience to both theatergoers and the production team. Patrons could easily present their tickets at the entrance, while the box office could accurately track attendance and manage inventory.

Speaking of the box office, it has also experienced its own share of changes. One notable shift occurred with the introduction of TKTS discount booth manager Jimmy Gates, who warmly accepted the handmade tickets without ridicule. This change further enhanced the accessibility of Perfect Crime, making it more affordable and appealing to a wider audience.

Ticketing Changes Overview

Ticketing Method

Early Years
Handmade tickets using construction paper
Personalized touch, time-consuming

Transitional Phase
Printed or electronic tickets
Improved efficiency and convenience

Introduction of TKTS
Acceptance of handmade tickets
Enhanced accessibility and affordability

The Enduring Set Pieces of Perfect Crime

One of the unique features that adds continuity and charm to Perfect Crime is the incorporation of set pieces inherited from a previous show, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. These set pieces have become iconic and recognizable elements of Perfect Crime’s performances.

Set Pieces from The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940

Set Piece

A vintage, ornate fireplace that serves as a focal point in several scenes. Its detailed craftsmanship and grandeur add a touch of elegance to the stage.

A tall bookcase filled with antique books, providing a backdrop for many scenes. The bookcase not only enhances the visual aesthetics but also serves as a prop and hiding spot during certain moments of suspense.

These set pieces from The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 have seamlessly transitioned into the world of Perfect Crime. They not only enhance the visual appeal of the production but also contribute to the overall atmosphere and ambiance of the show.

The Financial Success of Perfect Crime

While specific earnings and salary information for the Perfect Crime cast is not available, the show’s longevity and continued performances are indicators of its financial success. As the longest-running nonmusical show in New York, Perfect Crime has attracted audiences and generated revenue for over three decades.

Perfect Crime’s financial success can be attributed to its enduring popularity and sustained ticket sales. With its captivating storyline and engaging performances, the show has managed to captivate theatergoers and establish a loyal fan base.

The consistent success of Perfect Crime can also be attributed to its prominent position in the world-famous Broadway scene. As one of the most renowned theatrical productions in New York, the show has benefited from the reputation and prestige associated with Broadway performances. This has attracted tourists and locals alike, contributing to its ongoing financial prosperity.

In addition to its popularity, Perfect Crime’s financial success can also be credited to its efficient management and cost-effective production. The show’s dedicated cast and crew, led by Catherine Russell, have demonstrated their commitment to delivering exceptional performances while optimizing resources and minimizing expenses.

To further analyze the financial success of Perfect Crime, let’s take a closer look at its ticket sales and revenue streams:

Revenue Streams

Ticket Sales

Regular ticket sales
Premium ticket sales
Group sales
Tourist ticket sales


Official show merchandise

Licensing and Royalties

International productions
Regional productions
Amateur performances

Sponsorships and Partnerships

Corporate sponsorships
Partnerships with local businesses

Ancillary Revenue

Food and beverage sales

These revenue streams, combined with the show’s continuous performances, contribute to the enduring financial success of Perfect Crime.

The Legacy of Perfect Crime

Perfect Crime has cemented its place in Off-Broadway history with its enduring popularity and ability to adapt to changing times. As one of the longest-running shows Off-Broadway, it has captivated audiences with over 6,000 performances and continues to draw in theater enthusiasts from around the world.

The show’s legacy is a testament to the dedication and talent of its cast and crew, who have brought the gripping story to life night after night. From Catherine Russell’s remarkable performance as the main character to the contributions of the entire production team, Perfect Crime has left an indelible mark on the theater community.

What sets Perfect Crime apart is its ability to evolve and stay relevant. With ongoing updates to the script and production, the show has managed to remain fresh and engaging, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats. Its success is a testament to the show’s ability to resonate with theatergoers and its commitment to delivering an exceptional experience.

Perfect Crime’s place as a beloved Off-Broadway institution is well-deserved. Its longevity and lasting impact speak to the power of storytelling and the enduring magic of theater. As it continues to captivate audiences with its thrilling plot and exceptional performances, Perfect Crime will undoubtedly go on to leave an even greater legacy in the years to come.


What are the earnings and salary of the Perfect Crime cast?

Specific earnings and salary information for the Perfect Crime cast is not available, but the show’s longevity and continued performances indicate its financial success.

What are the roles and requirements for the Perfect Crime cast?

The Perfect Crime cast consists of several key roles, including Lionel McAuley, W. Harrison Brent, James Ascher, Margaret Brent, and a male understudy role. Actors are required to audition with a brief monologue and bring a headshot and resume. They should only audition for roles they can believably play in terms of age range. The pay for actors in Perfect Crime is $730 per week.

How can actors audition for Perfect Crime?

To audition for Perfect Crime, actors must prepare a brief monologue and bring a headshot and resume. Equity Principal Auditions are typically held, and actors should only audition for a role if they can believably play the specified age range.

How has the script of Perfect Crime evolved over time?

Over the years, both the author and the general manager/star of Perfect Crime, Catherine Russell, have made changes to the script and staging to keep the show contemporary. This includes updating technology references and accommodating shifts in societal norms and fashion trends.

What are the challenges of updating Perfect Crime?

Updating Perfect Crime presents challenges, particularly when it comes to technology and props. For example, the show had to address the difficulty of accessing information on a deceased character’s phone due to password protection. Adapting to changes in fashion has also been necessary, with the main character’s wardrobe evolving to reflect current styles.

What is the journey of Perfect Crime’s performing space?

While Perfect Crime has been running Off-Broadway since 1987, it has moved venues nine times throughout its history. The show settled at the Duffy Theater in Times Square in 2005. The theater was originally a strip club but underwent renovations to become the home of Perfect Crime.

How have ticketing changes affected Perfect Crime?

When Perfect Crime first opened, tickets were made by hand using construction paper. However, the show eventually transitioned to printed or electronic tickets. The box office also experienced changes to accommodate these ticketing updates.

Are there any notable set pieces in Perfect Crime?

Four set pieces from a previous show, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, have been carried over to Perfect Crime. These include a fireplace and bookcase. The incorporation of these pieces adds continuity to the show and has become a trademark of its performances.

How successful is Perfect Crime financially?

While specific earnings and salary information for the Perfect Crime cast is not available, the show’s longevity and continued performances are indicators of its financial success. Perfect Crime has been running Off-Broadway since 1987 and has generated revenue for over three decades.

What is the legacy of Perfect Crime?

Perfect Crime’s enduring popularity and ability to adapt to changing times have solidified its place in Off-Broadway history. As the longest-running nonmusical show in New York, Perfect Crime has become a staple in the theater community and a testament to the dedication and talent of its cast and crew.

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