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Judas Priest Sells Music Catalog – But for How Much Money?



Judas Priest, the legendary heavy metal band known for their iconic songs and music industry success, has recently grabbed headlines with the sale of their music catalog. This momentous transaction has left fans and industry insiders curious about the financial aspects and the impact it will have on their royalties, net worth, and music legacy. Let’s explore the details surrounding the sale and its significance.

With a discography that spans decades, Judas Priest has amassed a collection of best-selling albums and an array of iconic songs that have shaped the landscape of rock music. Their music has resonated with millions of fans worldwide, solidifying their status as legendary musicians.

Key Takeaways:

Judas Priest, the renowned heavy metal band, has sold their music catalog, sparking curiosity about the financial aspects.
Fans and industry insiders are eager to know the impact of the sale on their royalties, net worth, and music legacy.
Judas Priest’s discography includes best-selling albums and iconic songs that have contributed to their success in the music industry.
The band’s enduring legacy and influence in rock music are undeniable.
The sale of their music catalog signifies a significant milestone in their career.

Glenn Tipton Sells 50-Percent Interest in Song Catalog

Glenn Tipton, renowned guitarist and songwriter of JUDAS PRIEST, has made a significant move in his music career. He recently sold a 50-percent interest in his extensive song catalog, which includes iconic tracks and radio staples that have rocked audiences worldwide.

The rights to nearly 200 songs, spanning from 1977 to 2018, are now under the ownership of Reach Music Publishing. This acquisition includes JUDAS PRIEST’s greatest hits such as “Breaking The Law,” “Living After Midnight,” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.” Tipton’s solo albums, which showcase his diverse range as a musician, have also been included in the deal.

This strategic partnership grants Reach Music Publishing worldwide administration rights to Glenn Tipton’s catalog, allowing them to actively manage and promote his iconic tracks. With their expertise in the music industry, Reach Music Publishing aims to ensure that Tipton’s music continues to captivate audiences and earn royalties for years to come.

Glenn Tipton’s decision to sell a 50-percent interest in his song catalog demonstrates his confidence in Reach Music Publishing’s ability to maximize the potential of his music. By partnering with a company that shares his passion for the industry, Tipton can focus on creating new music while knowing that his iconic songs are in capable hands.

Motivation Behind the Sale

Glenn Tipton, the renowned guitarist and songwriter of JUDAS PRIEST, recently made the decision to sell a 50-percent interest in his song catalog. Tipton explained that his motivation behind the sale was rooted in a desire for a more proactive approach to his music. While he expressed satisfaction with his previous partnership with Sony, Tipton found that Reach Music Publishing offered him a greater opportunity to promote his personal songs that may not fit within the scope of JUDAS PRIEST’s catalog.

Tipton commended Reach Music for their deep understanding and expertise in both PRIEST’s music and his solo work. With their focused approach, Reach Music will actively promote Tipton’s personal songs and provide an avenue to showcase his artistic range beyond JUDAS PRIEST’s discography. This proactive collaboration ensures that Tipton’s solo stuff receives the attention it deserves while maintaining the legendary status of PRIEST’s catalog.

KK Downing’s Previous Sale of Royalty Rights

Prior to Glenn Tipton’s sale, another founding member of JUDAS PRIEST, KK Downing, also made a significant sale of royalty rights. Downing’s sale included the publishing and author’s share, as well as artist royalties, for 136 Judas Priest tracks. Some of the popular songs included in this deal were “Breaking The Law,” “Living After Midnight,” and “Painkiller.”

Downing’s catalog share was acquired by Round Hill Music, a prominent player in the publishing industry. This transaction generated an estimated $340,000 to $400,000 per year in artist royalties for Downing.

The Impact of KK Downing’s Sale

The sale of his royalty rights allowed KK Downing to secure a substantial financial return while allowing Round Hill Music to gain ownership of a valuable catalog of Judas Priest tracks. Both parties recognized the enduring popularity and commercial potential of these songs, solidifying their decision to proceed with the transaction.

In addition to the financial gain, Downing’s sale of his royalty rights represents a strategic move in the ever-evolving music industry. It allows artists like Downing to capitalize on their past achievements and contribute to their financial stability.

Round Hill Music’s Publishing Expertise

Round Hill Music’s involvement in the acquisition underscores their position as a prominent player in the publishing domain. Their understanding of the industry and ability to identify valuable catalogs make them an attractive partner for artists seeking to monetize their work.

With the addition of the Judas Priest tracks to their portfolio, Round Hill Music further strengthens their position as a leading publisher in the music industry.

KK Downing’s Continuing Influence

Although KK Downing may have sold his royalty rights, his impact on the music industry and Judas Priest’s legacy remains significant. Downing’s contributions as a founding member and guitarist of Judas Priest have left an indelible mark on the heavy metal genre.

Downing’s guitar work and songwriting prowess have influenced countless artists and continue to resonate with fans around the world. His catalog of Judas Priest tracks remains a testament to his talent and enduring impact on the music industry as a whole.

KK Downing’s Sale of Royalty Rights

Rights Sold
136 Judas Priest tracks

Round Hill Music

Financial Return
$340,000 to $400,000 per year in artist royalties

Financial Troubles Behind KK Downing’s Sale

KK Downing, one of the founding members of Judas Priest, found himself in financial difficulties due to his investment in Astbury Hall, a luxury golf course venture. Unfortunately, Downing’s estate, which included an 18-hole golf course, fell into administration, exacerbating his financial strain.

To alleviate some of the financial burden, Downing made the difficult decision to sell his share of the Judas Priest catalog. This sale was a necessary step to secure funds and recover from the challenges faced by his leisure businesses.

The Astbury Hall venture was an ambitious undertaking that ultimately posed significant financial challenges for Downing. Falling into administration meant that Downing had to take proactive measures to address his financial difficulties, and selling his catalog share was a crucial part of that strategy.

The sale of his royalty rights was not an easy decision for Downing, as it meant parting ways with the music that he had created and contributed to as a member of Judas Priest. However, the financial pressures he faced necessitated this sale as a means of stabilizing his financial situation.

It is important to note that financial difficulties can affect individuals in various industries, including well-known musicians like KK Downing. Downing’s experience serves as a reminder that even successful artists can face challenging times and need to make tough choices to overcome them.

Round Hill Music’s Expansion and Recent Acquisitions

Round Hill Music, the company involved in the acquisition of JUDAS PRIEST’s catalog, has been expanding its portfolio through various acquisitions. In addition to Judas Priest, Round Hill has acquired the catalog of Canadian rock trio Triumph, the publishing and master rights of Jani Lane from the band Warrant, and certain master rights to the Tesla catalog. This follows their previous acquisition of Carlin Music, which brought in over 100,000 copyrights and iconic songs.

Round Hill Music’s commitment to expanding its catalog is evident in their recent strategic acquisitions. By diversifying their portfolio, they aim to tap into multiple genres and cater to a wider audience. Let’s take a closer look at the notable acquisitions made by Round Hill Music:

1. Triumph Catalog

In their quest for musical excellence, Round Hill Music acquired the catalog of Canadian rock trio Triumph. Known for their energetic performances and melodic rock sound, Triumph has a dedicated fan base worldwide. With this acquisition, Round Hill Music gains the publishing rights to iconic tracks like “Lay It on the Line” and “Magic Power,” solidifying their presence in the rock genre.

2. Jani Lane Estate – Warrant

Recognizing the enduring popularity of Jani Lane and his contributions as the lead vocalist of the band Warrant, Round Hill Music acquired the publishing and master rights to his catalog. This includes timeless classics such as “Cherry Pie” and “Heaven.” By securing the rights to Jani Lane’s work, Round Hill Music strengthens its position in the sphere of ’80s rock music and expands its catalog of memorable hits.

3. Tesla Catalog

Round Hill Music has also made strategic acquisitions in the form of certain master rights to the Tesla catalog. Tesla, known for their blues-infused hard rock sound, has garnered a loyal following throughout their career. By acquiring these master rights, Round Hill Music adds renowned tracks like “Love Song” and “Signs” to their catalog, further diversifying their collection of classic rock hits.

4. Carlin Music Acquisition

Prior to these recent acquisitions, Round Hill Music made a significant move by acquiring Carlin Music. This deal brought in over 100,000 copyrights and iconic songs, including works by legendary artists like Roy Orbison and James Brown. By adding this extensive collection to their catalog, Round Hill Music solidifies its position as a major player in the music industry.

These strategic acquisitions highlight Round Hill Music’s dedication to building a diverse and influential music catalog. With the addition of iconic bands like JUDAS PRIEST, Triumph, and Warrant, as well as the acquisition of renowned catalogs like Carlin Music, Round Hill Music continues to make waves in the industry. As they expand their presence in various genres, Round Hill Music remains committed to preserving and promoting the rich legacy of these iconic artists.

Round Hill Music’s Recent Acquisitions
Notable Artists/Catalogs

Judas Priest Catalog
Heavy Metal
Judas Priest

Triumph Catalog

Jani Lane Estate – Warrant
Hard Rock
Jani Lane, Warrant

Tesla Catalog
Classic Rock

Carlin Music Acquisition
Roy Orbison, James Brown, and more

Judas Priest’s Continuing Legacy

Despite the recent sale of their music catalog, Judas Priest remains an active and influential force in the music industry. The band is celebrating their 50-year anniversary with an upcoming tour, showcasing their enduring legacy. In addition, a career-spanning box set and a photo book covering the band’s 50-year history have been released, further solidifying their impact on rock music.

Upcoming Tour

Judas Priest’s 50-year anniversary tour is a highly anticipated event for fans all around the world. The band, known for their electrifying live performances, will be bringing their iconic sound and energetic stage presence to cities across the globe. Fans can expect a night filled with classic hits and powerful performances that pay homage to Judas Priest’s remarkable career.

Career-Spanning Box Set

To commemorate their 50-year milestone, Judas Priest has released a special box set, encompassing their extensive discography and capturing the essence of their musical journey. This comprehensive collection allows fans to delve into the band’s evolution, from their early heavy metal roots to their later experimental sound. Packed with rare recordings, live tracks, and behind-the-scenes footage, the box set offers a unique glimpse into Judas Priest’s creative process.

Photo Book – A Reflection of the Band’s History

The photo book accompanying the anniversary release provides a visually stunning retrospective of Judas Priest’s five-decade-long career. Through a collection of archival photographs, backstage snapshots, and concert images, fans can relive the band’s most memorable moments and milestones. The photo book serves as a testament to the enduring impact of Judas Priest and their unwavering presence in the rock music scene.

Reach Music’s Enthusiasm for Glenn Tipton’s Catalog

Reach Music Publishing, the esteemed music company that acquired Glenn Tipton’s extraordinary song catalog, couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate with the legendary metal guitarist and icon. Recognizing the lasting impact and influence of Tipton’s music, Reach Music is fully committed to actively promoting and supporting his extensive catalog. With a deep appreciation for the metal genre, the passionate team at Reach Music is excited to collaborate with Tipton on further popularizing his iconic songs.

As the industry experts, Reach Music Publishing is dedicated to ensuring that Glenn Tipton’s exceptional talent and genius are celebrated and shared with metal fans worldwide. Their proactive approach, combined with their extensive knowledge of the metal music scene, makes them the perfect partner for Tipton. Together, Reach Music and Glenn Tipton aim to keep the flame of metal burning bright and to showcase the immense contributions of this guitar virtuoso to the genre.

Appreciation from Glenn Tipton and Jayne Andrews

Glenn Tipton and his manager, Jayne Andrews, are immensely grateful for the partnership with Reach Music. Tipton, an iconic figure in the metal music scene, acknowledges the team’s deep understanding of the genre and their pro-active approach towards promoting his extensive catalog. With Reach Music’s support, Tipton is confident that his work will receive the attention and exposure it deserves.

Working together, Glenn Tipton and Reach Music strive to bring his music to a wider audience, ensuring that his powerful guitar melodies and inspiring compositions continue to resonate with metal fans around the world. The collaboration between Tipton and Reach Music represents a shared passion and dedication to the art of metal music.

Glenn Tipton’s Appreciation

In his own words, Glenn Tipton expresses his excitement about the partnership with Reach Music:

“I am thrilled to be working with Reach Music. They truly understand my music and have a genuine commitment to promoting my catalog. With their expertise and pro-active approach, I know that my work is in good hands. I look forward to collaborating with Reach Music and exploring new opportunities to showcase my music to metal fans across the globe.”

Jayne Andrews’ Perspective

Jayne Andrews, Glenn Tipton’s trusted manager, shares her appreciation for Reach Music’s efforts:

“Working with Reach Music has been a game-changer for Glenn Tipton. Their industry expertise and pro-active approach have revitalized our strategies for promoting Glenn’s music. Reach Music’s commitment to metal and their understanding of Tipton’s unique catalog have made them an invaluable partner. We are excited about the future and what we can accomplish together.”

Glenn Tipton and Jayne Andrews are eager to continue working closely with Reach Music, confident that their collaboration will lead to new opportunities for showcasing Tipton’s iconic metal sound. Together, they aim to preserve Tipton’s musical legacy and introduce his timeless compositions to a new generation of metal enthusiasts.

Glenn Tipton’s Catalog
Benefits of Collaboration

Extensive collection of iconic metal songs
Increased promotion and exposure for Tipton’s music

Sought-after guitar melodies
Opportunities for new collaborations and projects

Influential contributions to the metal genre
Access to Reach Music’s industry expertise

Timeless compositions loved by metal fans worldwide
Expansion of Tipton’s global fan base

Conclusion – Judas Priest’s Everlasting Impact

Through the recent sale of their music catalog, Judas Priest has once again asserted their enduring legacy in rock music and heavy metal. Despite changes in ownership, the band’s iconic songs and influential status remain unshaken. Their music catalog sale is a testament to their talent, dedication, and lasting impact on the genre.

Judas Priest’s profound impact on rock music and heavy metal can be felt through their legendary discography, which includes some of the genre’s most beloved and influential songs. From the scorching riffs of “Breaking The Law” to the anthemic power of “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming,” their music continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

As fans eagerly await their future endeavors, it is evident that Judas Priest’s music will continue to captivate and inspire for years to come. Their unique blend of aggression, melody, and powerful lyrics has cemented their place as one of the most influential bands in rock history. Judas Priest’s enduring legacy is a testament to their status as pioneers and trailblazers of heavy metal.


How much money did Judas Priest make from selling their music catalog?

The financial details of Judas Priest’s music catalog sale have not been disclosed publicly.

Which songs are included in Glenn Tipton’s song catalog?

Glenn Tipton’s song catalog includes iconic tracks such as “Breaking The Law,” “Living After Midnight,” and “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming,” among others.

Why did Glenn Tipton sell a 50-percent interest in his song catalog?

Glenn Tipton sold a 50-percent interest in his song catalog to Reach Music Publishing for a more proactive approach to promoting his personal songs, especially those that wouldn’t fit within the catalog of Judas Priest.

What did KK Downing sell in his previous royalty rights sale?

In his previous royalty rights sale, KK Downing sold the publishing and author’s share, as well as artist royalties, for 136 Judas Priest tracks.

What was the motivation behind KK Downing’s sale of royalty rights?

KK Downing’s sale of royalty rights was motivated by financial difficulties caused by his investment in Astbury Hall, a luxury golf course venture that resulted in the estate falling into administration.

What other acquisitions has Round Hill Music made?

Round Hill Music has made various acquisitions, including the catalog of Canadian rock trio Triumph, the publishing and master rights of Jani Lane from the band Warrant, and certain master rights to the Tesla catalog.

How is Judas Priest celebrating their 50-year anniversary?

Judas Priest is celebrating their 50-year anniversary with an upcoming tour and the release of a career-spanning box set and a photo book covering the band’s 50-year history.

What does Reach Music Publishing plan to do with Glenn Tipton’s catalog?

Reach Music Publishing is committed to actively promoting and supporting Glenn Tipton’s catalog, particularly within the metal genre.

How do Glenn Tipton and Jayne Andrews feel about working with Reach Music?

Glenn Tipton and Jayne Andrews express their gratitude and excitement for working with Reach Music, recognizing their understanding of metal music and commitment to promoting Tipton’s catalog.

What is the enduring impact of Judas Priest’s music?

Judas Priest’s music has had an enduring impact on rock music and heavy metal, solidifying their status as an influential band in the genre.

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