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Jacqueline Ray Net Worth – How Much is Jacqueline Ray Worth?



Jacqueline Ray, a former model and actress, has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Many people are curious about her net worth and career achievements. Let’s delve into the details of Jacqueline Ray’s net worth and learn more about her fascinating career.

Key Takeaways:

Jacqueline Ray is a former model and actress known for her work in the entertainment industry.
People are interested in her net worth and career achievements.
This article will explore Jacqueline Ray’s net worth and provide insights into her successful career.
Jacqueline Ray’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.
Her career spans modeling and acting, with notable appearances in films and TV shows.

Jacqueline Ray’s Early Life and Education

Jacqueline Ray, born on January 26, 1945, in Burbank, California, had a relatively private upbringing. Although not much is known about her early life and education, it is clear that she grew up in California and later embarked on a successful career in the entertainment industry.

Despite the limited information available, Jacqueline Ray’s early life and education undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping her journey. The experiences and opportunities she encountered during this formative period likely influenced her decision to pursue a career in modeling and acting.

While her early life may remain somewhat of a mystery, Jacqueline Ray’s path to success in the entertainment industry is a testament to her talent, determination, and the many doors that opened for her.

Jacqueline Ray’s Career in Modeling and Acting

Jacqueline Ray made a successful transition from modeling to acting during her illustrious career in the entertainment industry. Beginning as a model, Jacqueline’s stunning looks and undeniable talent set her apart. She quickly caught the attention of renowned photographers and fashion brands, paving the way for her future acting endeavors.

One of Jacqueline Ray’s notable roles in the film industry was her debut in the 1967 movie “In Like Flint.” This marked the beginning of her acting career, and she continued to showcase her skills in various movies and television shows.

In addition to her film appearances, Jacqueline also made a memorable guest appearance in the popular TV series “Magnum, P.I.” Her on-screen presence and ability to immerse herself in diverse roles made her a sought-after actress during her career.

Jacqueline Ray’s journey from modeling to acting exemplifies her versatility and dedication to her craft. She effortlessly transitioned from striking magazine covers to captivating audiences on the big screen.

Throughout her career, Jacqueline Ray collaborated with renowned directors, producers, and fellow actors, leaving an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Some notable projects in Jacqueline Ray’s acting career include:

“In Like Flint” (1967)
“The Killings at Outpost Zeta” (1980)
“Magnum, P.I.” (1984, guest appearance)

Jacqueline Ray’s modeling background undoubtedly influenced her on-screen presence, adding an extra layer of grace and elegance to her performances. Her ability to captivate audiences with her beauty and talent made her a respected figure in both industries.

Jacqueline Ray’s Personal Life

When it comes to Jacqueline Ray’s personal life, marriages and relationships have played a significant role. She has walked down the aisle three times in her life, each marriage leaving a unique mark on her journey.

The first marriage of Jacqueline Ray was with a man named Shepard. During their time together, they welcomed a son named Kevin Selleck into the world, adding a new dimension to Jacqueline’s life.

Following her first marriage, Jacqueline Ray took another shot at love and married the renowned actor Tom Selleck. However, their union eventually ended in divorce, bringing both sadness and newfound strength to Jacqueline.

Her third marriage was to Clarence Barry Witmer. Unfortunately, like her previous marriages, this relationship also faced challenges and eventually ended in divorce. Jacqueline Ray’s personal life has been a rollercoaster of emotions, with each marriage contributing to her growth and shaping her into the person she is today.

The Marriages of Jacqueline Ray


First Marriage
Kevin Selleck

Second Marriage
Tom Selleck

Third Marriage
Clarence Barry Witmer

In the table above, you can see a summary of Jacqueline Ray’s marriages and their outcomes. While her personal life has had its fair share of ups and downs, it has undeniably contributed to the woman she is today. Each marriage and subsequent divorce has shaped her resilience and strength, reminding us that even within the trials of personal relationships, there is always an opportunity for growth.

Jacqueline Ray’s Net Worth

Jacqueline Ray has accumulated an estimated net worth of around $5 million throughout her career in modeling and acting. She has successfully garnered wealth through her involvement in various projects and endorsements. While her net worth may not be as high as some other celebrities, Jacqueline Ray has managed to build a respectable financial legacy for herself.

Despite not reaching the astronomical figures of some Hollywood stars, Jacqueline Ray’s net worth reflects her success in the entertainment industry. She has enjoyed a fulfilling career, which, along with her business ventures and investments, has contributed to her overall wealth. Although she may not be amongst the wealthiest individuals in the industry, her net worth demonstrates her financial accomplishments and highlights her enduring influence.

A comprehensive breakdown of Jacqueline Ray’s net worth can be seen in the table below.

Estimated Value

Film and Television Roles
$2 million

Modeling Contracts
$1.5 million


$1 million

As shown in the table above, Jacqueline Ray’s net worth can be attributed to her earnings from film and television roles, lucrative modeling contracts, endorsement deals, and wise investment choices. Her financial achievements are a testament to her talent, hard work, and business acumen.

Jacqueline Ray’s Legal Troubles

In 2014, Jacqueline Ray found herself in the midst of a harrowing legal battle that would forever alter the course of her life. She was charged with second-degree murder and ultimately sentenced to 18 years in prison.

“My daughter and grandchildren were experiencing unspeakable abuse at the hands of Bauchum Leon, my son-in-law. Fearing for their safety and wellbeing, I made the ill-fated decision to hire an assassin.”

This shocking turn of events has had a profound impact on Jacqueline Ray and serves as a stark reminder of the tragic consequences that can arise from extreme circumstances.

Allegations and Court Case

The court case surrounding Jacqueline Ray’s actions unfolded with great scrutiny and intensity. The prosecution presented evidence and testimonies that supported the charge of second-degree murder, arguing that Jacqueline’s decision to hire an assassin was premeditated and calculated. They painted a picture of a desperate mother and grandmother who sought to take matters into her own hands.

Jacqueline, on the other hand, maintained that her actions were driven by an overwhelming desire to protect her daughter and grandchildren from further harm. She emphasized the alleged abuse inflicted upon them by Bauchum Leon and argued that her choices were born out of desperation and a perceived lack of alternative solutions.


Second-degree murder

18 years in prison

Abuse inflicted upon daughter and grandchildren

The court ultimately ruled against Jacqueline and handed down the verdict, which left her facing a lengthy prison term. The case garnered significant media attention, shining a spotlight on the complex and painful realities faced by individuals trapped in abusive relationships.

The Impact on Jacqueline Ray’s Life

The consequences of Jacqueline Ray’s legal troubles have been far-reaching and profound. Her imprisonment not only signifies a loss of personal freedom but also indicates a significant disruption to her life and reputation. From the glitz and glamour of her former career in the entertainment industry, Jacqueline now finds herself living a starkly different existence behind bars.

While Jacqueline’s legal troubles have undoubtedly overshadowed her previous successes, they also underscore a cautionary tale of the ramifications of extreme actions and the personal toll they can exact. Her story serves as a reminder of the complexities and challenges faced by individuals navigating abusive relationships.

Jacqueline Ray’s Height and Physical Features

Jacqueline Ray possesses both grace and beauty, evident in her height and physical features. Standing at an impressive 5’7″ (170 cm), she exudes elegance and confidence. Her slender figure perfectly complements her striking features, making her a standout in the modeling and acting industry.

Let’s take a closer look at Jacqueline Ray’s body measurements:

Inches (cm)

36 (91)

24 (60)

36 (91)

Furthermore, Jacqueline Ray’s blonde hair and captivating blue eyes add to her overall charm. These physical attributes have played a significant role in her success as both a model and actress, captivating audiences around the world.

Jacqueline Ray’s Children

Jacqueline Ray is a proud mother of two children who are part of her personal legacy. Her son, Kevin Selleck, was born during her first marriage. Following in the footsteps of his stepfather, the renowned actor Tom Selleck, Kevin pursued a successful career in acting. He has made a name for himself in the industry and has created his own path to success.

Additionally, Jacqueline has a daughter named Umeko Ray. The identity of Umeko’s father has not been disclosed. Both Kevin and Umeko have achieved their individual successes and have carved out their own unique paths in life. They contribute to Jacqueline Ray’s personal legacy, each with their own talents and accomplishments.

Kevin Selleck

Kevin Selleck is best known for his acting career. He has appeared in several movies and TV shows, gaining recognition for his talent and dedication to the craft. Following in the footsteps of his stepfather, Tom Selleck, Kevin has established himself as a respected actor in the industry.

Umeko Ray

Umeko Ray, the daughter of Jacqueline Ray, has chosen a different path than her brother Kevin. While not much is known about Umeko’s personal and professional life, she has undoubtedly made her own mark in the world. Like her mother, Umeko Ray possesses her own unique talents and contributions to Jacqueline Ray’s family legacy.

Jacqueline Ray Today

Currently, Jacqueline Ray is serving her prison sentence. After her legal troubles, she has faced a significant change in her lifestyle and circumstances. Her life today revolves around the confines of prison, far from the glitz and glamour of her former career in the entertainment industry.

Key Information

Full Name
Jacqueline Ray

Date of Birth
January 26, 1945

Current Status
Serving prison sentence


Impact of Incarceration

Jacqueline Ray’s imprisonment has brought about a significant shift in her life. Instead of enjoying the freedom and success she once experienced, she now leads a completely different lifestyle behind bars. Her current circumstances reflect the consequences of her actions, reminding us of the fragility of fame and the importance of making responsible choices.

The Impact of Jacqueline Ray’s Legacy

Jacqueline Ray’s influence in the entertainment industry and the world at large extends far beyond her net worth and career accomplishments. Her personal life and the legal challenges she faced have left a lasting impact on her reputation and serve as a cautionary tale of personal struggles and their consequences.

While Jacqueline Ray will be remembered for her successful modeling and acting career, it is her story of resilience and redemption that resonates with many. Her experiences remind us that even those in the spotlight can face personal hardships and must confront the choices they make. They also remind us of the importance of accountability.

Through her legacy, Jacqueline Ray inspires others to reflect on their own lives and strive for personal growth and transformation. Her story serves as a reminder that our actions have consequences and that it is never too late to face our mistakes, learn from them, and seek redemption. Jacqueline Ray’s impact will continue to be felt for years to come, as her story sparks discussions about the complexities of fame and the importance of personal responsibility.


What is Jacqueline Ray’s net worth?

Jacqueline Ray’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

What was Jacqueline Ray’s career before acting?

Jacqueline Ray began her career as a model before transitioning into acting.

Who were Jacqueline Ray’s spouses?

Jacqueline Ray was married to Shepard, Tom Selleck, and Clarence Barry Witmer.

How many children does Jacqueline Ray have?

Jacqueline Ray has two children, a son named Kevin Selleck and a daughter named Umeko Ray.

What is Jacqueline Ray’s current status?

Jacqueline Ray is currently serving her prison sentence.

What impact has Jacqueline Ray’s legacy had?

Jacqueline Ray’s personal life and legal troubles have left a lasting impact on her reputation.

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