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Beautiful Music for Successful Wedding Videos



Beautiful Music for Successful Wedding Videos

When it comes to wedding videos, ensuring you have the right music at hand can make all the difference.

Any time you sign up to film a client’s wedding, it’s a big responsibility. After all, your work will shape the couple’s perception of their special day for years to come. So getting it right is a big deal!

How to Shoot a Wedding Video

To make a truly professional wedding video, seasoned videographers will tell you that it’s a matter of preparation. Gear and shot checklists are tools of the trade that can ensure you’re ready to capture the big day on film.

Moreover, choosing wedding-appropriate assets in advance, like Light Leaks and transition effects—flares work as well—means that you won’t be scrambling to get your video done by the deadline.

We’ve written extensively about wedding coverage and all the joys that come with being a solo shooter at a wedding and managing a wedding videography business. Check out some of our best wedding-related tutorials below!

And finally, there’s one key wedding video ingredient you should always remember: the music. In my experience, the music can either make or break the video, so let’s talk a little bit about how to approach searching for the music.

Choosing the Right Music for Your Wedding Video

Whether going for formal and elegant or playful and lighthearted, your musical choices will help set your video’s tone. The right track can give your emotional work impact and help drive your video’s narrative forward. Think of wedding video music as the icing on the (wedding) cake: it’s the final touch that can make all the difference.

Some wedding videographers wouldn’t dare give their clients this much involvement in the editing process, but I think it’s essential to ensure they get what they want. That’s why I like to prepare for this step before the wedding. Usually, I’ll ask the couple what type of music they feel best fits their overall vibe, or I’ll go as far as even to download some preview tracks to show them ahead of time to get an idea of where they’re at.

When searching through our filters, under “Mood” you can refine your search through two separate “Wedding-inspired” sections. First, there is “Romantic/Sentimental,” which is just very hopeful, optimistic-sounding songs ranging from pop-sounding artists to more classic, string-heavy songs.

Secondly, we have a “Wedding” section devoted to only wedding music! This section can be further filtered down into two more sections, either Classical or Modern. The Classical section is heavy on the strings and orchestral style sounds. The Modern sections sound more current with synths and pianos added.

I also think it is worth mentioning the elephant in the room. There’s a lot of pressure on us as videographers and editors to nail these videos. Across the board, weddings are a lot of work, which leads to pretty high rates. Couples usually end up paying us a decent chunk of money and expect the very best final product.

But it’s okay. Remember that you’re a professional, and you got this! I bring this up because the music often guides the whole feeling of the video, so it’s easy for a song to make or break it. Hundreds of romantic tracks in our library, there’s undoubtedly a perfect match for your couple.

The Perfect Wedding Playlist

To ensure you’re prepared on the musical front, too, we’ve compiled a playlist of ideal, royalty-free tunes. Here you’ll find the perfect soundtrack for a slo-mo walk down the aisle or an upbeat wedding reception montage.

These songs are customizable to fit whatever type of sequence or video the wedding calls for. Each track has been handpicked from the PremiumBeat music library. And, with a PremiumBeat standard license, you won’t need to worry about copyright issues. Also, remember that with these tracks, you have the option to use 15, 30, and 60-second versions, as well as looped sections of the tracks that can last however long you need.

Many of our songs also have stems attached to the download, so you can pick out individual instruments you want or don’t want to be added. This is one of the best things about using sites like ours. You can fine-tune your video’s sounds down to the exact feeling and emotion you’re trying to reach.

To make sure that you’re ready for your next wedding video, check out our ultimate guide for wedding video production, too. It’s packed with expert advice and free downloads (including gear and shot lists) that’ll help you put together a memento that your clients will cherish forever. One of the most beneficial aspects of our guide is the wedding contract template and the wedding marketing packet free downloads. These packets will help you budget, plan, and eventually quote your client with the most accurate numbers and information you could give.

Find everything you need to start shooting a wedding video:

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