[Let’s Talk] Linger Longer By Akinyede Ashanti

I can’t do it!

OK,I will try.

I failed!

I’m not getting it, it’s hard.

I wanna try again

I’m such a failure!!

I can’t go on!

I’m gonna give up!

No! You shouldn’t give up.

Giving up doesn’t solve your problem and neither does it break it down for you…

Giving up makes you feel weak, unhinged and to some extent, mentally incapacitated.

To “give up” means to surrender, lose to something helplessly, r to admit defeat

Before I go on, I’d want you to learn and know the “Big Six(6) deal “☺️

I don’t know what your “Big six deals” are..but most people are weakened by these:

What’s the big deal!?

  1. You wrote and failed jamb twice and now you feel it’s the end of the world and you don’t want to go further because you were jammed by Jamb 
  2. You’re a graduate and you have all your degrees but no Job
  3. You got pregnant carelessly and life made you opt-in for 9 months borrowed course and you feel the next thing is to abort the baby or kill yourself… because of what? Stigma?
  4. You’re a writer and you’re not getting the attention you need as a writer.
    No one’s reading your work and no one seems interested in it. and you feel the next thing is to give up, stop writing or probably kill yourself because you’re not publicly recognized?
  5. You asked your crush out and you discovered he/she is not interested in you.
  6. You noticed your boyfriend is cheating on you with your school daughter and he never loved you…so you feel the next thing is to drink sniper?

The Big Six (6) is not a big deal…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried, tried, and tried.

What matters is;

“Am I getting it right/wrong?”

“How determined am I?”

“What am I missing to make my own success story and how many more success stories do I have to hear in others to make mine?

These are questions that you shouldn’t stop asking yourself.

Everyone wants to be successful

You want to be successful but no one is ready to suffer for “SUCCESS”.

We see “Quitting” as a rescue team and with mall failure/mistake we make, we decide to quit and admit defeat.

Most times, we see SUCCESS as a pack of chocolate. Where you keep on eating and you never taste the er ness

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Does success have its bitter sides you know?

The bitter sides of success are the sacrifices, pains, and unforgettable experiences you go through in other to be successful.

Most people become successful and they decide to be stingy with their success by not helping people all because of what they passed through, and they feel it’s best for people to suffer, hustle and struggle to make it.

You shouldn’t be stingy with your success and you should learn to lead or rather show people the way…if your way is pure o.

Be glad to share your joys and experiences with people so they too can learn from you…

I was home yesterday, babysitting my cousin “Gracie” who’s just a year+.

I was quite busy and I couldn’t come online. My day was dry. so, I had to spice it up with some fun.. and that’s when decided to play Scrabble alone because Gracie barely comprehend what I say..(Chai! Mumu me)

So, as I was playing Scrabble, I arranged the words “Success and Perseverance”.

I leered closely at my keys, trying to peruse the whole word, whilst lingering more on my thought and that’s when I remembered a success story my Father once told me about “7up”.

Many of us here are very familiar with 7up but only a w are aware of the trials he passed through…

My father told us this story about a guy who loved soda, so he went into the soda business, with a product he called 3UP.

It failed. So he started again with a product called 4UP. …it failed again.

Then, a few years later, someone else came up with a soda product and named it 7UP, which became a huge success”

The tenacious story of the undaunted liquid(7up) that has withstood serial opposition started with one man.

Charles Leiper Grigg was the inventor of Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda, popularly known by its later name, 7-Up.

He invented the drink in October 1929.

Many of us know this success story while most of us only know the drink…some don’t even care about it

Truly 7up stands for the 7 active ingredients in it which included: carbonated water, citric acid, citrus oils, sugar, sodium citrate, and lithium citrate…

I want you to know that:

“Quitting is never the same as failing. One is temporal and the other is permanent.”

“There’s only one thing that is an allure and that it QUITTING”  ~according to Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison failed 999 times before he finally discovered the correct result for the “Light Bulb”…

Please don’t stop trying and if you’ve failed, try again, and don’t stop trying till you finally make it!

Let us learn to sow good thoughts, good works, and good deeds within the fields of our hearts, with seeds of longing and yearning for the fruit of SUCCESS

We all love to use this quote:

“I want to define success by using myself as an example”

 It has been my best quote ever and I can’t stop saying it till I finally make it…

Hence, I gotta “Linger Longer”


Discover and work on defeating your Big 6 deals..

To linger on something means to remain persistently for a long time or slow in quitting.

©️Akinyede Precious Ashanti.

Precious Akinyede

Female?? Chemist Model Author Of :Scars Writer at blogger ads✍? (Do more! talk less!!!! ;)

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