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How to Hack PayPal and Add Money in Eight Steps



How to Hack PayPal and Add Money in Eight Steps

How to Hack PayPal and Add Money in Eight Steps

Imagine you have a PayPal account, and you have the power to add money to the account at your will, would you do it? Yes, that is what this article will show you! I will show you how to hack PayPal and add money by exploiting the glitch in the PayPal system.

Several times, PayPal has experienced glitches, sometimes allowing people’s cash to multiply and many other scenarios. But a recent glitch has given badass developers the opportunity to create software that allows people to add money to their accounts. It is done by adding someone’s PayPal email to the software and using the software to send money to a 3rd party, which is usually your own account.

PayPal is not an actual bank, so it doesn’t have any cash liquidity on its portfolio. All it does is facilitate online monetary transactions. In other words, you can not take money directly from the PayPal ledger book. But every system has a loophole – just like PayPal Carding, and if you want to hack PayPal and add money to another PayPal account, you can try the following. There is no harm in that, so these steps outline how it is done. Hopefully, this same PayPal bug you will use to achieve this is still working currently.

Steps to Hack PayPal and Add Money

1.) Register and open Two different PayPal Accounts.

You will need to open two accounts to be able to achieve your PayPal add money goal. In which case, You will transfer money from the first account into the second account, and it is only in this way that you can proceed.

2.) Also, create a Fake Bank Account.

You will need to open an actual bank account but with a fake identity. This bank account will be linked to the second PayPal details. It will be separate from the bank account linked to your first PayPal account details. Note, this is not a dummy bank account but a real one. Also, know that certain banks have a “know your customer” policy and require you to provide a valid means of identification. So however you want to achieve, the opening of the fake bank account is up to you. A fake account is advisable, so you do not leave any traces of the transaction.

3.) Buy a reliable PayPal Money Adder software (PPAdder).

The software can be found on the darknet. That is if you have access to it or someone you know does. How it works is that the PayPal Money Adder software generates refunds from several other PayPal accounts and reroutes them to a single account, which is the one you created.

Note that this software is relatively new, so it is advised you use it before it is blocked. Also, the minimum amount that can be sent with the PayPal Money Adder tool is $1,000, which you will agree is a lot of money. Except, you can only use it once every four months. However, more recently, its developers have made it easier to send even as little as $1,000 into any PayPal account to limit ambition. The tool can not be used by more than one individual at a time.

4.) Verify the Receiving and Sending Accounts.

All PayPal accounts must be verified before they are permitted to use the PayPal service. Whatever be the case, If you want to hack PayPal and add money, then it is compulsory to be verified, or else you will be blocked, and then you cannot send or receive money. How do you get verified then?

Verification simply involves the following. The PayPal organization pays a mini amount of money into your registered bank account to prove that it exists. You will get an alert together with a unique code that you are supposed to key in on the PayPal site to complete the verification. Like, say, $1, this mini amount is then taken back after 24 to 72 hours, depending on the local bank policy. Once this process is completed within your PayPal account, your registered bank account becomes verified to show that your PayPal account is linked to a legal Bank Account.

Alternatively,  here is a PayPal Phone Verification Bypass Method

  1. Open Paypal in standard chrome and in Incognito mode.
  2. Input your PayPal login details in Chrome and Incognito Modes, i.e., email address and password.
  3. Then, you must quickly click the login button in both places simultaneously. This is so that the data will be read in such a way that one of the Chrome or Incognito will be successfully logged in, and the other will automatically get phone verification

5.) Set Up the Receiving Account (the second PayPal account) under another Name.

Ensure that before you transfer money into the receiving account, that it isn’t your original account. You must have registered it with a fake name so that PayPal does not suspect that both accounts belong to you. Otherwise, you might get into trouble.

6.) How to use the PayPal Money Adder software to Add money.

Once you have verified both accounts, download and install the software. Then connect it to your PayPal account. Follow the instructions for set-up. Then Click on “Create Money.” Note: never mistakenly click on “Buy Now” because it will siphon your money.

7.) Move the Money to your second PayPal Account.

Once you see the money in your first PayPal account, quickly transfer it to the second PayPal account. Do this in such a way as to seem you are conducting a buy and sell transaction payment. This is to avoid raising any suspicion. Also, transfer all the money and leave behind only $1.

8.) Finally, withdraw from your Second PayPal Account to the Bank account.

The final step is to withdraw the money from the second account to your bank account immediately. If you don’t, it will disappear because it is like a flash fund. At any point, PayPal can still trace their money if they discover any foul play. So you must transfer it again into yet another account via a manual withdrawal.


Once you get the software and follow the steps, you can easily see how powerful this is. I won’t be showing any video demo before other developers will clone this and expose the software to the knowledge of the PayPal team.

If you want to purchase the PayPal adder, just send an email to and I will respond to your queries. 

See ya!

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