How to Get Media.Net Approval Fast for Your Blog or Website

Media.net is a ad network that runs the yahoo and bing contextual ads. Since, these are big companies like google, the ads are also well designed. Further, they can be used along adsense as they do look different than adsense ads.

But i personally do not use these ads any more. I tried using them on one of the busy sites and also along with adsense ads. But still, the performance was not quite satisfactory due to traffic geography. If your site has lot of traffic from tier-1 countries like the USA, Canada, Uk or Australia you will find it to give better revenues.

Most of these enquiries are around what you could do to lessen the chances of a rejection.

For content creators with blogs/websites Media.net ads are a great way to earn off their content. Media.net is the #2 contextual ad platform in the world, second only to Google AdSense and while I believe they have awesome ads, tech, and service, they are VERY particular about who they admit into their program. I’m writing this to help you help your site be approved by Media.net, so that you can monetize your content just as effectively as I do, or even better!

How to Get Media.Net Approval Fast for Your Blog or Website

1. Write Unique Contents

If your website has original and rich content, you are already one step closer to getting into Media.net. Remember, if you are a newbie, then you should wait till you build a body of work and then submit your website for approval. In case you are a curator and not a creator of content, it may be a good idea to start publishing some original content as well so that you aren’t border lining on plagiarism.

Because Media.net ads are contextual, it’s important that you provide a great quality of context through your content, for their system to pick up concepts from. The ads that you will then see, will be relevant to the page content and the likelihood of clicks by visitors will automatically increase.

2. Publish content that is in English and receives most of the traffic from U.S./U.K./Canada

A quick look at Media.net’s website tells us that their ad spends are primarily on audience based in the U.S. This basically means that their (huge!) pool of advertisers wants to put money on people in the U.S., U.K. or Canada. So, it is only natural that they’ll want to approve publishers whose blogs/websites have content written in English and receive a majority of their traffic from these countries.

Media.net-Traffic-Distribution-by-Ad-SpendFigure 1:Q1 2016 Media.net Ad revenue by region and device type as seen on official website on Oct 2016

What you can do at your end is pick subjects that could be of interest and applicable to people across these geographies.

Let’s say, as an example, if you are interested in creating content around financial advice, then you can consider keeping the scope of your advice wide enough for audience from the U.S., U.K., and Canada. It will take you more time and research, but I believe that will make your content richer and riper for monetization.

3. Avoid Copyright Contents

No ad network will put the advertisers’ interests at risk by associating their ads with content that could cause trouble. So, while it is important that you find your niche, you must know that there are some straightforward don’ts that come into play when your website/blog is being considered by Media.net for approval.

Here is what your content or the links you place on your blog/website shouldn’t be about:

  • Porn
  • Drugs – Promotion and/or Sale
  • Violence / Hatred / Profanity
  • Gambling
  • Spurious Products
  • Unregulated chat forums
  • Piracy and/or Hacking
  • Only user-generated content

4. Get Organic Traffic

I’ve mentioned earlier in this post that a newbie should build a body of work to be accepted into Media.net. An extension of that is building a busy blog which has enough readership/viewership for advertisers to want to buy your Ad inventory and reach your audience. Simple and straight?!

Though Media.net doesn’t mention a specific minimum number of page views for qualification, I’d say one way to think of it is “Do I have a good number of engaged visitors reading my content regularly?”. If you have single digit daily visitors, you should probably wait till you get a few multiples more than it.

5. Remove Existing Ads Code

This piece of advice holds good even independent of applying to Media.net. Overloading your websites/blogs with far too many ad tags increases the latency of web pages which in turn makes your consumers develop a tendency to ignore your ads (there’s a term for it – Banner Blindness), or even worse, head straight for ad-blockers.

Media.net allows 3 ad placements per page. So, don’t be greedy, and put a selective number of ads on each page and optimize their performance by experimenting with them. At Media.net, your account manager will help you do this easily and as often as you want. This is what has worked for all my niche websites without disrupting user experience and consumption of my content. Listen to their advice and you’ll see your income shoot up!

6. Clean & Easy Navigation

Media.net delivers on its ads taking the look, feel, and form of your content – making them sharply contextual and high-paying. So they expect you to meet them halfway, with a website/blog that is easy to navigate, user-friendly and clean.

Keeping in line with Media.net’s requisite of a clean website, be mindful of avoiding these mistakes:

  • Hiding texts and links within the site
  • Manipulating site content to improve SEO
  • Redirecting traffic to sites external to Media.net Contextual Ads Program
  • Submitting parked /free hosted / empty pages for approval

Important: These tips come from my experience as a user of Media.net ads for over 2 years now. These are my guidelines and each one of their criteria will, of course, be up for independent review by the folks at Media.net whenever you submit your website/blog for approval.


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