How To Get Approval On Value Impression Within 3 days

When it comes to monetizing your blog using contextual ad networks, there are very few high-quality publishers out there.

However, the higher the quality of the ad network, the harder it is to get approval.

How to Get Value Impression Approval Fast for Your Blog or Website

If you are unsatisfied with the results you are getting from Google Adsense, you can consider signing up with Valueimpression.

Although Adsense is still the number one choice for monetizing websites through display advertising, many site owners are looking for an alternative or a complement to this ad network.

Valueimpression is another high performing ad network. As per their claim, one can make 40 to 300% more earning than with other networks. I was lucky enough to try this network so here is my Valueimpression Review.

They provide the following set of ads:

  1. Display ads
  2. Video ads
  3. Smart banners
  4. In-stream and out-stream ads.

For display ads, you will following sizes like a square (300x 250), vertical banners (160×600), Leader board ads (728×90).

One can choose the ads of their choice. However, smart banners are enabled from their side and they bring good revenue.

Ad rates.

Their approximate rate for the individual type of ads are like

Ad types eCPM
Display Banner $1-$10
Instream Video $4-$25
Outstream Video $4-$25
Discovery Video $4-$25

Note: The rates are as eCPM which revenue for 1000 impressions.


I find it to be a good ad network and they really pay well than other networks like AdSense, media.net, newordmedia, etc.

Their ads are also of good quality and from reputable brands and visually appealing too.

Besides you can also run your Adsense ads as backup ads for unfilled inventory. By this, you will accrue income from AdSense too in your Adsense dashboard.

Site speed

The issue with ads is their effect on site speed. Since site speed is an important factor in Google rankings, I am always worried about the impact of ads on site speed.

However, the valueimpression ads did not affect the site speed much. They are also dependent on the header bidding model for the display of high paying ads. But, still, the impact of the ad network on site speed is really minimal and negligible.

So, one can implement them without any worry.

valueimpression to be one of the fastest payment adnetwork.


I find this valueimpression to be one of the fastest payment adnetwork.  For Adsense, you will receive payment of the previous month around the 21st of this month. For ezoic, it is 24 to 27th of the month. For newor-media, media.net it is around the 30th of the month.

But for valueimpression you will receive payment by the 3rd of this month. That is the earning of June will be paid by the 3rd of July.


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