How To Find & Reuse Creative Commons Videos On YouTube

Creative commons licenses allow content creators to freely grant permission for someone else to use their video. These YouTube videos are then commercially available for YouTube users to use in their own videos using YouTube’s Video Editor.

Here are the steps to find and reuse
creative commons videos on YouTube:

  • Go to YouTube
  • Enter “dog training video”
  • Click on “filters”
  • Go to the drop down
  • Click “creative commons”
  • We’ve got dog training video here..click on that
  • We go down and click “show more”
  • We can see it has a creative commons attribution license (reuse allowed)
  • Click on “Remix this video”
  • This will bring up your YouTube Video editor
  • Now you can see the video is on the timeline
  • You can expand the timeline by moving the slider
  • You can also give the video a different title like “my dog training video
  • And when you’ve done that you can also edit the video, trim the video according to what you need to get done.
  • After you’ve finished just click “create video”
  • And it says “we’re processing this video, check back later”
  • The video will appear in your video manager.
  • It will also will say down the bottom “I created this video with YouTube Video Editor”
  • And then you can just add your info and settings and change the title, the description and tags, etc
  • Now you have a new video

Here are 3 tips to use creative commons
videos for your own projects…

    1. Download a creative commons video and
      add your own voice over to it.
    2. Avoid creating your own video by just dragging and dropping a creative commons video on to the timeline in YouTube’s Video Editor.
    3. Add a creative commons video clip to one of your videos that you’ve already created by using the YouTube video editor.

That’s it!

Now you know how to find high quality video footage on
YouTube that you can reuse for your own video projects.


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