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This is the latest Ofofonobs WordPress Theme. Someone requested it and I decided to code it because I personally love the features. This mobile theme is newbie-friendly as a lot of attention was devoted to ensure that no one would have difficulty installing and using the theme. In addition, all frontend features, even the seemingly difficult ones, are in this theme. And the good thing is that the features are not powered by plugin. (It’s always advisable to use less of plugins if necessary to avoid security issues. The less plugin, the less likely you get security threats.)

Download Ofofonobs Mobile Theme – Download Now

Download Ofofonobs PC Theme – Download Now



  1.  Go to Appearance
  2. Install New Theme
  3. Upload The Ofofonobs Mobile Theme
  4. NOTE: Don’t Activate Theme
  5. Install “Smart Mobile Plugins”. Download Plugins Here – CLICK TO DOWNLOAD
  6. Activate Smart Mobile Plugins
  7. You can find plugins settings n your wp settings page
  8. Select ofofonobs mobile theme and click save
  9. Load your website using your phone
  10. All Done

After you setting, you’ll notice your categories are automatically on the navigation menu. No need editing the theme to add categories manually. 

Bonus: Mp3 and Trending. The features have been added to this theme. You just need to create a normal page for them in the admin dashboard.

After you have created the Mp3 and Trending pages, go to your dashboard, appearance, theme options, and add your featured ARTISTES tags,

After you have added them, save the settings. Now click on the Music button at the top of your blog.


This theme comes with top quality features. Powerful features that should make this theme worth $70 and above. Below are the features:

1. Automated Category Listings: 

categories are automatically listed on the menu as soon as you activate the theme. I would have done something similar for pages, but users, especially Newbies, might have difficulty applying the settings to avoid ALL pages, including unnecessary ones, getting automatically added. So it’s better to peg the number of pages that can be added.

2. Trending Posts:

This feature lists your top posts by views. There are 2 Trending Posts features:

i. Outside Loop Trending Posts: 15 trending posts are shown on the homepage and other pages. When you click “CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE TRENDING POSTS”, you’ll be redirected to the second Trending Posts page.

i. Inner Loop Trending Posts: this is the second Trending posts feature. It’s a Page of its own which displays all your Trending Posts by views. If you wanna check it out, go to trending.php. 

3. Trending Posts don’t Exceed Page 1 like Ofofonobs:

This is one feature of Ofofonobs that I like. Usually, in other themes that has Trending Posts, when you click next page, you’ll still see it which is kind of stressful to readers who would have to scroll down to read the next page. However, in this version, when you click next Page, you’ll not see the Trending posts.

4. Trending Posts in Contents, Pages, etc. like Ofofonobs.

5. Wp header and wp footer hooks:

With this hooks, you won’t have any issue using plugins. All plugins compatible with your theme would work without you editing the theme. 


Ikuesan Oluwaseun (CEO OFOFONOBS) is a Nigerian news carrier blogger, writer, entrepreneur and a web developer. We bring you the Nigerian News, Music and All Informative Messages On This Medium. Connect With Me Via: IG/Twitter: @ofofonobs Call/Whatsapp: +2348114313795

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