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In other words, it’s the fact or condition of being with others especially in a way that provides friendship and enjoyment.
People are needed in both definitions of “Company” and those people you choose to be your company will either influence you positively or negatively. It all depends on your “Power Of Resistance”.
Your “Power Of Resistance” is simply the power or ability to withstand, stand against or oppose the action of Negativity. According to Ashanti.

In general, “company” means to associate with

So, the friends you choose to keep are entire “your business” and you own the company.
Most people are sickened with this saying:
“Show me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are?” According to Chaplain Ronnie Melancon.
Well, I don’t totally agree with this saying. Although, there’s a lot of social sanction on how you behave and talk.
This determines from dressing sense to what food you eat. We may not really observe these things but we accommodate and change ourselves to situations and environments a lot.
Truly, your friends are a reflection of YOU especially if you chose them yourself.
You make friends with people that have similarities with you.
That is why, if a person is seen hanging out with the same group of people, it simply means he/she has some sort of similarities with them.
So, you may be able to tell who that person is by looking at their friends but the possibility of this is 50% because most times you can not tell who they are but you might mistake them for their friends.

Personally, I think that:

“Who you choose to be or how you choose to behave is basically based on your morals”.
If you have a high power of resistance, you can resist some negative charges but if you’re flexible, gullible and easily influenced, I will advise you to keep off Negativity and bad friends.
I think if I show you who my friends are, you can’t tell me who I am but you surely can mistake me for them because I can be friends with them but that doesn’t mean “I do what they do” and it doesn’t mean “I am them”. (If you know you know).

The question is:

Why must you keep friends with those that can’t tell who you are or with those that aren’t presentable?
You shouldn’t be ashamed of your friends because you can’t expect your friends to be perfect when you’re not!
A friend is someone who’s not a foe or an enemy.
True friends are those with enough love in their hearts to fight and defend for what is right and good.
Good friends are hard to find, hard to leave, and impossible to forget because they’re always setting out time for YOU!.
Friendship is a form of love and I always love in full measure.
If I call you a friend, I am saying I love you.
Love means taking the good times and the hard times.
It means standing by the other in times of heartbreak, easing their pain, seeing them for the human being that they are, and accepting their flaws because you aren’t perfect either.
In general, do not allow anyone to chooses your friends, talkless of judging them for you.
You shouldn’t judge you, friends.
Remember!! You own your company and your company is the company of your company.
Moreso, be careful with the company you keep because everybody isn’t your friend just because they hang around you, laugh with you, etcetera. That doesn’t mean they’re your friends because people pretend well and that’s why most times, real situations expose fake friends.
So, pay attention to the “Company Of Your Company”.
Last month, I was pained because someone I made my best friend isn’t my best friend. She was my best friend but I wasn’t hers. I have learnt in this life to love regardless of who you are or what they are and I don’t really care if I’m accepted or not.
I want you to know that “Your friends have their own friends and you can’t know for sure who your true friends are except they’ve passed the test of friendship”.
I really love and appreciate all my friends and I’d love to appreciate my sweetheart and my sister Anneke Amarachi she’s more than a friend to me.
Thank you so much Amara for suggesting this lovely Title. She’s such a darling. She’s not only smart, talented, and industrious, but she is inspiring, innovative, Godly, super caring, and Intelligent.
I want to appreciate all my friends and I love them to the moon and back.
You know yourselves already.
You, yes you! I love you.
Have a blessed week ahead and please hold on to all your true friends.
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