"They should have given them a hiding...", see what they were caught doing

“They should have given them a hiding…”, see what they were caught doing

What kids are exposed to nowadays on television is quite alarming. You find that even cartoons like American Dad display images that are inappropriate for kids but it is a show for kids. This is another reason why you hear kids swearing at each other and wonder where they got these swear words.

These young people were found in the bushes doing adult stuff and instead of the adult disciplining them, they actually took out a phone and started making a video. I mean that looks like you are condoning their behavior, laughing and taking videos making them trend on social media is no way of instilling discipline to a child.

As an adult one should shy away from being a victim of clout and do what needs to be done. This incident is clear representation of how we are losing our identity for likes and more shares. There is an African proverb that goes, “I takes a village to raise a child” meaning that even if those kids are not your blood but you are expected to discipline them.

"They should have given them a hiding...", see what they were caught doing


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