"One Day The Truth Will Come Out" - Man Reacts To Seeing Two Mandela's In One Picture

“One Day The Truth Will Come Out” – Man Reacts To Seeing Two Mandela’s In One Picture

People are in a serious debate in Twitter over who is the real Nelson Mandela after seeing this picture.

Some are saying that it is the one grey while others are dismissing the picture and saying that it is a wax figure.

There has always been alot of conspiracy surrounding the late and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela.

It has been rumoured he had actually died a long time ago and the person that we knew as Nelson Mandela was not the real one.

It has been rumoured that the person that we know as Nelson Mandela was cloned after the real one was accidental killed in prison, it is alledged that the people who killed knew that this was going to be a disaster hence they cloned someone.

Now whether this is true or not we don’t know it but there are a number of people who actually. Believe it to be true.

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