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Getting Started with Bingpay, Cheapest, Fast and Most Reliable VTU Portal in Nigeria

Bingpay is a simple, lightweight and fast payment solution for bills payment and money transfer in Nigeria.

Bingpay is a simple, lightweight and fast payment solution for bills payment and money transfer in Nigeria.

The platform offers a peer-to-peer payment system that allows individuals to send and receive money to friends and family using a username-like code called Bingtag. Similar to Cashapp’s cashtag.

How to Register On Bingpay

  • Download the bingpay app or log on to thier website.
  • Enter your personal details, Including your phone number.
  • Choose a unique Bingtag. Every user gets a Bingatg, Your  friends will use your Bingtag to send you money.
  • Tap on Register

And you’re set!

What are the Features of Bingpay?

1. Cheaper Bills payment

Wether you’re making payment for airtime purchase, data subscription or Cable tv Subscription. Bingpay provides you with these service and you can enjoy upto 40% discount on these transactions.

2. Instant Peer-to-peer transactions

You can send money instantly to anyone on the app. Friends, family, colleagues and so on. No transaction fee is applied on peer to peer transfers. This also means that freelancers or service providers can get paid using the app. As long as both the sender and the receiver are registered on the app.

3. Referrals

Bingpay rewards its users with ₦100 when they refer a friend and him/her makes first deposit on the platform. So imagine inviting your friends, families colleagues and classmates to use the platform. That’s lotta reward right?.

4. Customer Service

Any time you have a problem with a particular transaction, you can start chatting with the support team right in the app. There is always a customer service person online and they will be swift to help via live chat to solve the problem.

In Conclusion

Bingpay has identified and solved the two major problems in Niigeria – rigorous and difficult models of sending/receiving money, and pricing & Reducing cost of Bills payment in the country. The app has the poise to spread to the rest of the continent in a short while.

Source: BingPay Linkedin


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