Twitter user says "Igbos Do Not Joke With Their Village Mansions"

Twitter user says “Igbos Do Not Joke With Their Village Mansions”

Igbo land also known as Southeastern Nigeria, is the homeland of the Igbo people. It is a cultural and common linguistic region in southern Nigeria.

Its population is characterised by the diverse Igbo culture and the speakers of equally diverse Igbo languages. They can be found in five major Igbo states in Nigeria, Anambra, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi and Imo state.

Twitter user says "Igbos Do Not Joke With Their Village Mansions"

Igbos are known for their hardworking and business minded nature. In fact, It is said that anywhere in the world you don’t see an Igbo man, then that place is unreal (this is not a fact but a fun phrase by people).

A Twitter user made a post recently about how Igbos do not joke with dear village mansions. This got people talking and attesting to the fact. See his tweet below:

“Igbo men don’t joke with their village mansions!!!”

Take a look at some pictures of buildings from the east he posted and some posted by others in the comment section.

This tweet sparked reaction. People truly ascertain to this claim by the Twitter User. You could see that via their comments:



Well, there is a saying in Igbo Language, translates to ‘when a wealth gets home, it will mention the owner’ (akụ ruo ụlọ, o kwuo onye kpatara ya).

That is a strong belief of every true Igbo sons and daughters.

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