The Haunting of Bly Manor: 5 Things That Returned from the First Series (& 5 Differences)

With the release of The Haunting of Bly ManorThe Haunting series has become one of the most popular anthology stories released on Netflix. Of course, viewers will compare the two series and decide on which of the stories that they enjoyed the most. These comparisons include the content, quality, and plot points in both series.

As viewers compare the contents of both stories, they will notice that both Hill House and Bly Manor share several elements of their story. These elements and content establish some of the premises of the overall series. However, there are also some noticeable differences in terms of the approach to handling their stories.

5. Returned: Some Of The Cast


Before the start of the series, some of the cast of Hill House announced that they would be returning for the second series, Bly Manor. The returning actors were Carla Gugino, Henry Thomas, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Kate Siegel, and Victoria Pedretti.

Though all these actors returned, not all had a significant role in the second series. While Victoria Pedretti and Oliver Jackson-Cohen had lead roles as Dani Clayton and Peter Quint, Kate Siegel and Carla Gugino have a recurring presence in the series as Viola Willoughby and The Storyteller, respectively.

4. Different: Body Possession


In Hill House, the majority of the children were haunted by the ghosts of Hill House. The presence of ghosts also occurred in Bly Manor.

Surprisingly, body possession was not commonly used in Hill House, considering ghosts are known to possess bodies. However, Bly Manor managed to integrate body possession into its plot. This was the case with Peter Quint possessing Miles and Rebecca possessing Flora.

3. Returned: Living In A Prestigious, But Also Creepy HouseHill-House-and-Bly-Manor-Settings

The Haunting series would not be popular without beautiful yet creepy houses. It is one of the elements that is consistent in Hill House and Bly Manor, which establishes the premise of the series and its story.

In Hill House, the Crain family move into the Hill House to rebuild the house and eventually sell it. However, the paranormal beings in the house cause tragedy for the family and abandon the house. In Bly Manor, it remains as a primary residence for the Wingrave family. However, the siblings and the employees spot ghosts around the house, especially the Lady from the Lake.

2. Returned: LGBTQ Representation


One of the things that The Haunting continues to do well is the representation of LGBTQ characters in both series. In Hill House, Theo was the one Crain sibling that happened to be gay and was accepted by her family regardless of her sexual orientation.

In Bly Manor, not only did Dani and Jamie reveal themselves to be LGBTQ characters, but the story even goes further to discuss some of the consequences they faced when same-sex marriage was not legal yet. However, their love story was one of the more important ones that touched our hearts.

1. Different: It Is A Narrated Story


In Hill House, most of the character arcs were presented in a series of flashbacks. Because of these flashbacks, it foretold the backstory stories of the characters when they were younger and how those memories impacted them later, especially for the Crain children when they got older. These flashbacks would occur back and forth through each episode rather than making the story entirely central to one time period.

For Bly Manor, the story was shared as a narration by The Storyteller. Though the ending implies that the story may be a flashback, we do not know the real and full story and whether parts of the story changed. The majority of the second series focused on the events that occurred in 1987.



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