The 21years old Curvy Muslim lady that is defying all odds in becoming a Famous Model

The 21years old Curvy Muslim lady that is defying all odds in becoming a Famous Model

We all know that good Muslim women dress so decent in the sense that, they can wear a headscarf, also known as hijab or khimar, and loose-fitting clothes when they are in public and when they are in the presence of men who are not part of their immediate family. But they can also be themselves in their respective private life.

So, it’s difficult and sometimes often impossible, for a Muslim model, actress, or even musicians to find work in Africa, let alone Nigeria. Where the people are ready to say all sought of words to you if you do. Just as in the case of the former Kannywood actress, Rahama Sadau who was accused of blasphemy for just displaying some skin in one of her pictures she posted on Twitter.

The 21years old Curvy Muslim lady that is defying all odds in becoming a Famous Model

So, you can see the stereotype governing some talented Muslim entertainers who are looking to display their skills in the entertainment industry. Not just the people involved but also the firm sometimes receive bad reviews.

The 21years old Muslim model is making waves on social media.

Surraiya is not your typical Instagram model, she has more than 1million followers on Instagram and she is just 21 years old.

However, in the last few months, she has gone through a radical transformation, she is now a Muslim model fully converted. This has prompted some of her followers to ask questions because she sometimes mixes her photos. Where on a certain day she is wearing a full Hijab, while on another day she is wearing a bikini which confuses most of her followers as to what is going on with her transformation.

With her recently found the fame she has been able to endorse so many products, from the likes of clothing lines to lipsticks and so many. With followers of over 1million, she could get any endorsement projects she set her eyes on.

Lastly, I am for one, a big believer of decency, so instead of what is happening in developed countries like The United States and other European countries where anybody can do whatever pleases them. Do you think it’s right for the Muslim community to protect their children of the same faith in such a way they do, irrespective of your social status?

More beautiful pictures of Surraiya.


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