Outfits Rocked By Naira Marley's Sister That You Should Not

Outfits Rocked By Naira Marley’s Sister That You Should Not

We have celebrities to thank for a lot of major fashion trends, both past and present. But for every “win” in the This Is Going To Be Something People Copy column, there’s a handful of bold boundary-pushing looks that miss the mark. Some were downright signs of cultural appropriation while others toed the line from being too scandalous to actually kind of cool.

Fashion to me is my identity. It’s how I want the world to look at me. It’s putting on black ripped jeans one day and a shift dress the next because they both represent who I am. Fashion, like me, has the ability to change. It has the ability to start clean and fresh with simple fluctuations of mood. Fashion is an opportunity for anything to happen and anything to change. It is timeless and never-ending.

Outfits Rocked By Naira Marley's Sister That You Should Not

Appearance matters. It’s not everything, and it certainly isn’t as important as our performance at work, but people do judge us based on how we look. Don’t become known as the guy who looks like he rolled out of the hamper or the woman whose skirts are too short.

Naira Marley has sung many songs that went viral in Africa, and also earned from it. Naira Marley’s talent has made him a Nigerian celebrity.

Popular Nigerian musician, Azeez Fashola who is widely known as Naira Marley and he has beautiful younger sister Shubomi, who is a model and look like is brother


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