New Psychonauts 2 Levels, Ability Revealed In Double Fine Anniversary Video

New Psychonauts 2 levels and a new ability debuted in a mini-documentary containing never-before-seen footage made to celebrate Double Fine’s 20th anniversary. Psychonauts 2 is slated to release sometime in 2021, and until now, little has been revealed about the game beyond a single level that was shown during the Xbox Games Showcase.

The original Psychonauts was released in 2005 and was the first project completed by Double Fine. Studio head Tim Schaffer announced at the Game Awards 10 years later that a crowdfunding campaign had started for Psychonauts 2‘s development. The campaign reached its goal of $3.3 million and Psychonauts 2 was planned to release in 2018. Instead, the game’s release was delayed, but the first trailer for was still released. Since then, Double Fine has debuted gameplay footage and cinematics but most of the game remains a mystery.

That is until Double Fine‘s 20th Anniversary on August 25th, when it posted a mini-documentary featuring Tim Schaffer on YouTube. The video mostly comprised Schaffer recounting the story of how Double Fine came to be, and how the team behind Psychonauts 2 has been managing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Interwoven throughout the video are developmental clips from Psychonauts 2, which offer glimpses of new levels. One such level features a long checkered corridor overgrown with plants and filled with kitchenware. Another quick snippet from the Double Fine mini-documentary shows Raz using his psychic abilities to jump and cling on to the side of a wall. Players had the ability to climb certain marked walls in the first Psychonauts, but Psychonauts 2 seemingly allows the player access to even more traversal features. But perhaps the greatest reveal came from a level that showcased Raz using telekinesis to pet a flamingo.

In addition to new content for Psychonauts 2, Schaffer shared that the development team has met various milestone goals. The documentary includes part of a video call showing the team about to complete its 13th milestone on August 28th. This might mean that a new announcement for Psychonauts 2 could be right around the corner. While the game’s release is still quite a while off, more news from the long-awaited sequel would always be welcomed by fans.

All in all, Psychonauts 2 is shaping up to be another masterpiece from Double Fine. While not much about the game has been revealed, what has been shown so far certainly has Psychonauts‘ cult following excited. It would be nice to have a release date or some uncut footage to ogle over, but the tidbits Double Fine is feeding its fans will have to do until Psychonauts 2‘s release in 2021.


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