Justice League: Darkseid’s Modern Look and Armor Revealed in New Image

A fresh look at Darkseid has been unveiled in a new T-shirt design for the Justice League Snyder Cut, now officially to be titled Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Snyder’s long-unseen original cut of the film will hit HBO Max next year, debuting on the platform as a four-part mini-series. With the three year anniversary of Justice League‘s theatrical debut right around the corner, all eyes are on social media for what new information on the Snyder Cut arrives between now and then.

The Snyder Cut will include numerous characters completely dropped from the theatrical version of the movie, including DC’s mega-villain Darkseid, played by Ray Porter. This past August offered the first look at footage of Darkseid in the Snyder Cut’s trailer, released during DC FanDome, but despite what has been revealed about his role in the movie, Darkseid remains among the Snyder Cut’s most guarded secrets. Though that’s likely to hold true between now and its release on HBO Max, newer Darkseid-related material is also starting to surface.

A new Snyder Cut T-shirt from Snyder himself has debuted on Ink to the People, featuring a design of Darkseid drawn by Alex Pardee. The back of the shirt also includes a Darkseid quote from the film, “All of existence shall be mine“. The shirt is the latest charitable endeavor relating to the Snyder Cut, with funds raised to be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The goal of the newly released shirt is $70,000 which would be in addition to the $430,000 already raised.


The first takeaway from the shirt design is that it offers a glimpse at Darkseid’s contemporary look, complete with armor. The trailer depicts a younger Darkseid, who leads the forces of Apokolips in the invasion of Earth during the movie’s history lesson. The theatrical Justice League would trade Darkseid for Steppenwolf in this sequence, which also excised such elements as Darkseid going toe-to-toe with Ares.

As for Darkseid’s line on the shirt, it obviously sounds exactly like the kind of universe-conquering villainy that he embodies as the ruler of Apokolips. More importantly, it sounds like a clear allusion to Darkseid’s quest to acquire the Anti-Life Equation in order to eliminate free will. This is also what led to Superman’s downfall in the Knightmare future seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, with Snyder’s planned layout for the DCEU to involve Superman becoming easy prey for the Anti-Life Equation following Darkseid’s killing of Lois Lane.

With the three-year anniversary of Justice League nearing, the Snyder Cut is assured to be a hot topic between movie buffs once again, with the difference being that the film is now known to be on the way. The internet will certainly be waiting with bated breath for whatever Snyder chooses to drop between now and then. Until then, the floodgates have now been opened with a new look at Darkseid, accompanied by a quote that offers a hint at how unbridled his evil in Zack Snyder’s Justice League will be.


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