Inkanyamba the river snake spotted in Kwazulu-Natal-Fiction

Inkanyamba the river snake spotted in Kwazulu-Natal-Fiction

People were left speechless after they saw Inkanyamba on the nearby river.According to one of the Sangoma in Kwazulu-Natal they say that the snake came to deliver a message about something bad and evil that was going to happen to Kwazulu-Natal.The man also said that the ancestors are angry at people of Kwazulu-Natal they have many sins.The snake said that Kwazulu-Natal is covered is covered with black clouds and if people won’t do something about that the evil is near something terrible will happen.

The people who was near the river said that they started to notice strong winds before the snake appeared.The say that the snake had a woman voice and the voice was sweet and if you were blind you would have thought that it was a pretty woman talking to you.After we saw the snake we wanted to run for our lives but the snake said that if we run we are going to makes things worse because it was only there to deliver a message.

People stopped running and the snake delivered the sad message.And it warned them that if they won’t do something about this they will be consequences to all the people who are living in Kwazulu-Natal.

After the snake delivered the message people were left with broken hearts some even left Kwazulu-Natal and went to live at other places.But the snake had already warned them that if you were there in Kwazulu-Natal the day the snake delivered the message nomatter how far you run they will find you.

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