I Am Not Scared Medikal Will Go Outside Of The Marriage

I Am Not Scared Medikal Will Go Outside Of The Marriage

Ghanaian actress and influencer Fella Makafui has come out to reveal that her body physique did not take her anywhere and she was not scared Medikal will go outside of the marriage

Speaking to Sammy Flex, she revealed that lots of people shared the view that she rose up to prominence due to a her gifted physique and that bothered her deeply

She also said she has never ever gotten worried about the marital prowess of El Chairmano and he going behind me in the marriage to do something with someone else.

She continued;

“It seems people don’t really know me.Many say I acquired my success due to my pyshsique but it’s unfortunate.They are all lies because my body physique did not take me anywhere.Look I worked extremely hard and I am proud I did.

I wake up early in the morning to brainstorm with my team and yes it’s been like that for a long time.My marriage issues and all the allegations raised against rapper Medical are false because I do my homework well as a wife. So I am confident in him.I am not scared Medikal will go outside of the marriage.He won’t do that”.


Fella Makafui also said that she is happy and in a good position in her life today and nothing can bring her and husband Medikal down

She also revealed that she has never met Sister Deborah ever in her life despite hearing about her story

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