Cobra Kai: 3 References To The Karate Kid Movies Fans Missed

Anytime a new show pops up in the realm of Hollywood, fans crave easter eggs and references, little things from previous shows or films that only the most avid of fanbases are able to find. Yet, every now and then, some references go unseen.

In the case of the Karate Kid sequel series, Cobra Kai, the references are boundless, so much so that many fans and nerds fail to see the ones right beneath their very noses even with help from some behind the scenes facts. Some are obvious while others are so deeply buried, it takes a true expert and fan to discover them among the rest.

3. Daniel’s Car

Again, sometimes the most easily missed references are those so obvious, that fans somehow still miss them. Sure, a good amount of fans may manage to catch the reference but casual viewers may end up missing the obvious.

Throughout the second season, Daniel starts driving around a new car, a yellowed, old car. Eagle eyes viewers may be able to notice that the car as a gift from Mr.Miyagi for the boy’s birthday all those years ago, now back in business and working once again. Daniel even gifts one of Mr.Miyagi’s old cars to Robby, cementing their relationship as one of the series bests.

2. Unseen Footage

Whenever a film’s being created, it always goes through a difficult process: the cutting room. Going into the cutting room means that some footage, some scenes, may end up being cut from the finished copy and then end up being lost forever.

However, Cobra Kai managed to bring some long lost cut scenes to life. Going through old footage, the filmmakers were able to discover old footage from the original film that was put in via flashbacks and stock footage, making for one awesome easter egg that many can miss.

1. Bill Conti’s Score

Every film and show needs a score or musical number to help drive the story and media forward and provide emotional beats and scenes. Of course, there are times when music can end up being nostalgic and bringing back memories of the original series or film.

Crafting the score for a karate-based series doesn’t sound incredibly complicated yet utilizing the original score created by composer Bill Conti is a great way to revitalize the original series and bring back that same feel The Karate Kid, one of the 80’s best martial arts movies created years ago.


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