After accusing Laycon and Nengi of having an affair - Elite apologize

After accusing Laycon and Nengi of having an affair – Elite apologize

Yesterday was a sad day for many Icons and Ninjas which are the supporters of Laycon and Nengi respectively, after a group of people who called themselves Supricon came out to alleged that Laycon and Nengi are having an affair together. They made it known that was the reason why Laycon couldn’t attend Nengi’s birthday party even after claiming they are friends.

A lot of people were dragging Laycon and accusing him of breaking the Brother’s code, which doesn’t allow friends to have an affair with friends’ partners. They all claimed Laycon asked Nengi out and some even said Laycon beds Nengi, this allegation was so severe online yesterday that many people believed the false stories flying around.

So this morning the fellow who carried the fake news came out to reveal that she lying about the story, she reveals that she’s an Elite and they are Pseudo Icons, Ninjas, Veeives, and other fan bases that are supporting Laycon, Nengi, Ozo, Vee, and Neo.

She advised her fellow Elites to stop blackmailing and painting other housemates black because it’s not a good thing so that it won’t backlash later in the future.


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