3 Things Osita Iheme And Chinedu Ikedueze Will Never Do In Nollywood Movies

3 Things Osita Iheme And Chinedu Ikedueze Will Never Do In Nollywood Movies

Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedueze dominated Nollywood industry during the early 2000s. They have featured in over 500 nollywood movies. Though they no longer feature in many of the recent movies, they are still considered as the legends of our movie industry. In this article, we shall briefly discuss three things that Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedueze will never do in Nollywood movies.

  1. We have never seen both actors Use one slang throughout an entire movie. Actors Like Chinwetalu Agu and Zubby Michael are known for making use of one Slang, we often see them repeat this slang over and over again throughout the entire movie. We can never see Osita and Chinedu Ikedueze use this method to act movies.
  2. Have you ever see Chinedu or Osita grow tall in Movies. This is highly impossible, they will never act such movies and this is because they are top actors. Despite having a child’s body or figure, they also act like an adult. They are not been replaced by any adult version.
  3. Chinedu and Osita do not play deep romantic scenes nor kiss deeply in their movies. They were popular because majority of their films portrays them as kids. So they would never do such roles in nollywood.

What other things will Chinedu ikedueze and Osita Iheme will never do in Movies? Drop your comments below.

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