Wonder Woman 1984 Director Defends Controversial Steve Trevor Storyline

Wonder Woman 1984 Director Defends Controversial Steve Trevor Storyline

Director Patty Jenkins justifies Wonder Woman 1984’s use of a different man’s body to bring back Steve Trevor and reunite her briefly with Diana.

Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins justifies their decision to have Steve Trevor use an unknowing man’s body in the sequel. The filmmaker returned to the DCEU and reunited with Gal Gadot following their first venture in 2017’s Wonder Woman. But while the original movie had generally positive feedback from both viewers and critics, its follow-up has quite a different reception.

Not that Wonder Woman 1984 is bad, it’s a good escapist movie full of hope and optimism. But the standards set by its predecessor was just too high that anything below that felt like a disappointment. The most common criticism of the DCEU project was its convoluted storyline; it simply had too much going on, and it could’ve worked better if it had a more streamlined story. That said, one of the most controversial creative choices in the film was the manner with which it brought back Steve after Diana secretly wished for his resurrection to the Dreamstone. Instead of a straight-up return, Wonder Woman 1984 made it a bit more complicated when he showed up in another man’s body. As established in the film, that unnamed man has a life of his own, and yet, he’s unaware that someone who died during WWI was inhabiting his body.

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