Why DCEU's Wonder Woman Hates Guns

Why DCEU’s Wonder Woman Hates Guns

Director Patty Jenkins justifies Wonder Woman 1984’s use of a different man’s body to bring back Steve Trevor and reunite her briefly with Diana.

Wonder Woman 1984 contains an initially innocuous scene wherein Diana disarms some enemies while declaring that she detests guns. In a crowded shopping mall, she stops some men from committing a violent burglary, snatching their weapons from them. Her distaste for firearms may have more significance to her portrayal in the DECU than audiences may perceive.

When Gal Gadot as Diana appears on the screen for the first time in Wonder Woman 1984, the scene is colorful and joyful. She smiles as she disbands the villains and swoops in to rescue an ecstatic little girl, putting a finger to her lips to signify that she should keep their encounter a secret. Audiences are already familiar with the character, and know that these men and their weapons don’t provide much of a threat. There isn’t a lot of tension in the scene, and it goes by breezily for Diana. The fast pace slows down for a moment when she states her opinion about guns, leaving viewers to think that there is something meaningful in the sentiment.


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